"On the 21st the inscriptions for the 9th edition begin" - The Province

With this new commitment, changing the scenario to Playa Blanca in the municipality of Yaiza, the Club La Santa, wants to continue growing and be a reference in the world of triathlon at the IRONMAN 70.3 distance, a goal already achieved with the IRONMAN LANZAROTE that has place in the month of May every year in Puerto del Carmen. Wanting to stand out worldwide IRONMAN 70.3.

Fabio Cabrera, Director of Events of the La Santa Club, is in the celebration of the ninth edition of IRONMAN 70.3 that will take place this year, specifically on Saturday, October 3, in the area of ​​Playa Blanca in the municipality of Lanzarote of Yaiza, for the second consecutive year. Natural of Santa Lucia de Tirajana. Master in Business Administration and Management from the Oberta University of Catalonia and Diploma in Social Work from the ULPGC. He has been linked to sport since childhood, especially in swimming and trampoline jumping with the Salinas Club of Santa Lucia (now CN Sacoa), as well as a regular as a participant in endurance sports such as trail running, Xterra, 70.3, even in Martial arts where he holds the category 1st black belt Dan.

His arrival at Club La Santa was six years ago as a sports instructor, then going to Sports Supervisor, currently holding and for two years the position of Director of Events and Head of Sports of Club La Santa, occupying the position he vacated for retirement the mythical Kennetk Gasque, the man who brought the IRONMAN in 1992 to the island of Lanzarote.

For this reason and with few days left before the start of the IRONMAN 70.3 registrations, which will be specifically on Tuesday 21, we wanted to get your opinion on a test that is reaching high levels of participation every year, with the record last year of thousand participants

What do you expect and your team this year from IRONMAN 70.3?

The proof that is already consolidated in the calendar of events of Club La Santa, we intend to increase in the number of participants, which is being achieved in each edition, as evidenced by the fact that last year there were one thousand participants about 400 more than in 2018. This year we expect the figure to be around 1,200, where we would hang the poster for sold out seats. We are very excited to be close to the participation registered in the IRONMAN in the month of May, which 28 years ago (1992) began with 150 participants reaching 2,100 in 2014, a record number of the test, although in recent years it It is over 1,600 and 1,700 participants.

Why the rapid rise in participation of IRONMAN 70.3?

To the work of a great human team, each contributing their best in their respective plots. The effort of a staff such as Club La Santa, in all its departments, the coordination of the Yaiza City Council in all areas, helps to make ideas come true, not forgetting those institutions that collaborate as European Sport Destination Tourism Lanzarote, Insular Sports Service of the Cabildo de Lanzarote and private companies, mostly from Lanzarote.

Have you had much to do the change of scenery in the increase in the number of participants?

Definitely. The change of scenery from the Club La Santa, which was already small, to Playa Blanca has been a success. Participants will swim in the crystalline sea of ​​Playa Dorada, and then ride their bikes through emblematic points of Lanzarote such as Timanfaya, Tinguatón, La Geria, Femés, Los Hervideros and the Gulf and finally run along the sea and cliffs, from where they See the island of Fuerteventura. A whole show.

How is IRONMAN 70.3 different from IRONMAN Lanzarote that takes place in Puerto del Carmen?

IRONMAN 70.3 Lanzarote is like the little brother of IRONMAN. The number 70.3 refers to the total distances in miles that athletes will travel by swimming (1.9 km.), Cycling (90.1 km.) And running (21.1 km.), While the distance of the three segments of the IRONMAN total 140.6 miles, which are 3.8 km, 180.2 km. and 42.2 km. adding the three segments. Participants choose the distance they like best and adapts to their preparation.

There will be a lot of foreign presence, but also Spanish € No?

The Spanish participation is quite numerous but the foreigner is not far behind, because most of them are accompanied by friends and family who enjoy the climate and cuisine of Lanzarote. Likewise, a good number of participants use the magnificent facilities of Club La Santa in Tinajo to train for IRONMAN 70.3 and mostly cycling on the roads of Lanzarote.

Finally € .Where can future participants register?

In the page web www.ironman703lanzarote.com, where they can collect all the information related to the test.


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