Wed. Jan 22nd, 2020

On Holiday? Missing British TV? Watch UK TV From Abroad On Any Device!

Are you on holiday and missing your British TV? Now you can watch over 150 live channels on your mobile, laptop or tablet anywhere in the world!

Don’t miss your favourite TV programmes no matter where you are holidaying this summer. British TV Channels offers over 150 live UK TV channels with a 24 hour trial at just £0.99. A system that works on any device without the need to download any software or install any app. A browser based system we tested on Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari and it works flawlessly!

It has the largest selection of live FHD, HD, SD and Plus One channels you will find anywhere. It also has an active live community base with many discussions in the forums. It is like a social network for fans of British TV but you don’t need to be a part of the community if you only want to watch TV.

How to get started right now to watch UK TV abroad?

Simply visit this link here and enter a username and email address and then check your email inbox for the confirmation message. Click a link, login and choose the 24 hour trial. As soon as you make payment for 99p you will unlock all 150+ channels. Below is the list of channels currently available as of today:

FHD / HD Channels

SD Channels

Plus One Channels

All you need is an internet connection and any device that has a browser and you will be catching up with your British TV at the pool, beach, bar or hotel! Never miss your favourite UK TV channels no matter where you are in the world!