Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Òmnium claims civil disobedience as a duty in the presentation of Cuixart's book

Few voices generate so much consensus at independence like that of the president of Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart. Added value in a few weeks in which the main sovereignist parties have shown their deep disagreements. In this context, this Thursday, the book written by Cuixart from prison 'Ho tornarem a fer' (Ara Llibres), a song by the president of Òmnium to the civil disobedience Yet the unity before the violations of rights.

"In the face of an intense repression like the one we are experiencing, Jordi (Cuixart) always says if the defense of fundamental rights is a crime in the State, we have a civic duty to disobey and return and exercise our rights," said the first vice president of the sovereign entity, Marcel Mauri. "There is no other option and the tool before an unjust reality is civil disobedience", he added, in a conversation with the activist and sociologist Iolanda Fresnillo and the philosopher Xavier Antich.

In this sense, Mauri has defended the "vast trajectory" of Òmnium, which today turns 58 years old, in the defense of fundamental rights. "Cuixart's face lights up when we talk about shared struggles," he said, mentioning the 15-M, the Platform of People Affected by the Mortgage or the defense of the right to self-determination in Catalonia.

In fact, and looking at the horizon of the prosecution trial judgment – in which the prosecution requests 17 years in prison against Cuixart accused of rebellion – Mauri himself has pointed out that the president of Òmnium always asks to emphasize that "the answer must appeal to the whole of Catalan society and gather their great civil consensus ".

Family and friends have read several fragments of the work that has just been published

Here the sovereign entity underlines the 80% campaign: "The vast majority of Catalans remind us of the collective consciousness of 1-O and 3-O against repression and in favor of a political solution that goes through dialogue and the exercise of the right to decide ", in the words of Mauri.

Before the conversation, a group of eleven personalities of the Catalan civil society – among them the ex-deputy of the CUP David Fernàndez and the singer Gerard Quintana – and relatives of Cuixart, like his partner Txell Bonet and his sister Neus Cuixart, have read eleven fragments of the book of the president of Òmnium that have concluded with the proclamation of the book: "And yes, we will do it again. We will do it for the love of life. "

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