May 25, 2020

Ombudsman accuses Jimmy Morales of violating the free expression of the press

The head of the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman, Jordán Rodas, blamed the president of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, for "the violation of the right to freedom of expression of which journalists and social media were victims."

In his moral condemnation, the ombudsman assured that Morales continuously issued statements "that discredit and disqualify the journalistic and media work", so he recommended "frame his statements and comments within international standards on freedom of expression and press. "

The comments of the Guatemalan president "are contrary to the international obligation of the State of Guatemala and, consequently, of its public officials, to ensure that such rights are protected and respected," the attorney said in his resolution.

The president said on September 2 that "in Guatemala there has been no free press for years, starting with (the middle) La Hora. Do you think it is fair for a journalist to say that he is independent when he gets into politics?" Morales asked, adding that the press "has lashed out at Guatemala," because "in a press release they accuse, judge and sentence the Guatemalan."

On several occasions, Morales has told the press of his bias against him and that he has been subject to private interests and has repeated that "for bad news there is no need to pay, for the good yes" or that "the press is he pays or hits him, "paraphrasing other political figures who have lashed out at the media.

The Secretary General of the Presidency, Carlos Martínez, said in his letter that he sent to the Office of the Human Rights Prosecutor that "for some media and for you, the speech given by the President of the Republic may or may not be his please, but for others it may be true. "

According to a report by the organization Reporters Without Borders presented on February 8, Guatemala "remains undermined" by organized crime and impunity, and in this Central American country journalists "suffer threats and aggressions" if they report corruption cases in which rulers or other politicians are involved.

In Guatemala, which ranks 116th out of 180 countries in the world classification of press freedom, Reporters Without Borders collects that in 2018 two journalists were killed "in strange circumstances", Laurent Ángel Castillo Cifuentes and Luis Alfredo León.

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