Omar Sánchez DESTROYS Anabel Pantoja in a DEMOLING interview about their separation

Omar Sánchez DESTROYS Anabel Pantoja in a DEMOLING interview about their separation

The most difficult moment for Anabel Pantoja has arrived. And he has done it exclusively, with some painful and heartbreaking headlines and with a protagonist he never thought he would see on a cover talking: his already ex husband, the grancanario Omar Sanchez.

The canary has given an exclusive to a well-known gossip magazine in which he has told, with great detail and 10 days after confirm the breakup of the couplewhat have been the reasons for the separation, how is he going through this complicated stage and where is your relationship with the Sevillian after taking different paths.

In the last 48 hours, the Gran Canarian has had to face endless rumors in which he was related to his contest partner in survivorsthe journalist alexia rivasand also revealed the real reason why the estrangement would have occurred total couple after four years of love.

However, to put an end to the shadow of infidelity on the part of the young man and to give his version of the story, Omar has given an interview in which he has contributed juicy headlines with which does not leave Anabel Pantoja well and with which he explains what has happened so that the young people have decided to end their marriage four months after celebrate your wedding on the island of La Graciosa.

What has Omar Sánchez said in his long-awaited interview?

"I'm devastated, I don't want to see her. She's not the woman I fell in love with"

Knowing the headlines that would cover the most anticipated cover of the last week, Anabel Pantoja burst into tears in 'Sálvame' and she limited herself to saying that the Gran Canaria also has the opportunity to explain her version as she herself has done in her program. And so it has been.

Omar has not shied away from any issue and has talked about everything and everyone without leaving anything out. He has done it in a heartbreaking interview in which he assures that "I am in a difficult moment. I am affected and everything that is happening hurts meBecause I loved her and I love her very much. She has been the one who has made this decision and I am at another point. I need to heal myself and hopefully one day we will be friends. At the moment, I have asked that we not talk and I do not want to see her." before explaining the reasons for their separation.

The young man also accuses Anabel of having changed and of not being the woman he fell in love with. "When I come back from 'Survivors' I see a very changed Anabel. I had met friends that I didn't like. She is well known as an 'influencer' and surrounds herself with people very different from my lifestyle (...) Anabel stopped needing me in her life," says the grancanario.

Despite the situation of no return in which the former marriage finds itself, Omar Sánchez acknowledges in the magazine Week who still held out hope of redirecting the situation. "I have had the hope of returning and that everything would be as before. It was when it became public that I realized there was no going back."

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