July 30, 2021

Omar Montes, third expelled from Big Brother VIP 6

Omar Montes, third expelled from Big Brother VIP 6

Omar Montes it has become the third expelled from Big Brother VIP 6. The audience decided that the ex-Chabelita was the one who had to leave the house after two weeks of coexistence where he has gotten a new girlfriend, Techi, and has strengthened his ties of friendship with Asraf.

Even so, his last moments in the house of GH VIP were not easy, especially after the confession of the Moroccan model that between him and Chabelito something happened under the sheets, something that The daughter of Isabel Pantoja flatly denied on the set.

Omar has felt betrayed by what he already considered his 'brother' and blamed everything that had been his girlfriend for little more than a month and a half.

Already on the set, Omar and Chabelita turned to see each other's faces and Jorge Javier Vázquez was forced to intervene after the comments so damaging him. The "we all know your curriculum" from Omar to Isa did not sit well with the presenter, as he did not hesitate to confront the singer with a "I'm sick of Taliban morals!"

To this series of comments are added the supposed joke that he spent inside the house when he incited Asraf to get into bed with Miriam, when she was under the influence of alcohol. Omar apologized to the audience Jorge Javier decided to offer him specialized help: "We are at a time when, fortunately, society is very sensitive to this type of situations, reactions, expressions, and advice, which is why we submitted to the verdict of the audience. , Y They decided to nominate you with 83% of the votes. […] We have seen that your relationship with women is not healthy, you have the team of psychologists of 'GH VIP' at your disposal. "

In addition, the grandmother of Omar did not hesitate to tell him that Techi was not a good girl for him: "You have been wrong with her". Something that fell hard on the young man, because his farewell to the house left the ex of Alberto Isla in shock: "You are a little gem Techi".


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