Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Omar Montes, second confirmed contestant of 'Survivientes 2019'

Omar Montes, segundo concursante confirmado de ‘Supervivientes 2019’

They continue to announce contestants for the new edition of 'Survivientes 2019'. Tthe confirmation of Colate Vallejo Nágera as first participant, the 'Socialist' program has revealed this Saturday that Omar Montes will travel to Honduras as an official contestant.

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Pending whether or not the participation of Isabel Pantoja In the contest, the former Chabelita becomes the most direct link with the Pantoja clan, a quota that the program has been covering for years with the past participation of Chabelita, Anabel Pantoja and Kiko Rivera.

Your first statements after confirmation

"I am able to communicate with the animals, and I do not know if the rest of the contestants will be able to do it," commented the singer with humor in the program of María Patiño, who has also confessed on her own mtmad channel that another of her objectives is "go to the island to flirt".

After being pretender in 'MYHYV', contestant in 'GH VIP' and vlogger in mtmad with his channel 'La vida martir', Omar Montes only had this adventure to fulfill.

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