January 19, 2021

Olivia Llorca: "Women play an important role in HiperDino" – La Provincia

Olivia Llorca: "Women play an important role in HiperDino" - La Provincia

Olivia Llorca (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1976) has a degree in Information Sciences from the European University of Madrid and has several postgraduate courses. Since 2005 he is part of the DinoSol Group, which he joined as Head of HiperDino Express; since 2017, he leads the company's Human Resources Department.

What would you highlight about the evolution of your HR department in recent years?

In our department we have a clear vocation of service to our employees: we work for and for them. At present, HiperDino has 7,300 workers directly. Therefore, we strive every day to listen to them and respond to their requests. For the Address, none is a number. All are important and are part of the achievements we have been achieving. We feel that we are all working in the same direction and that makes things go well.
In addition, on a day like today we want to highlight the important role that women play within the company. Currently, 4,600 workers are part of our structure.
Taking advantage of the irruption of new technologies, we are opening new channels of communication to have a much more fluid approach with our employees. In this way, we want to end the unidirectionality that had been taking place until a few years ago.

What are the medium and long-term objectives of your area?

We are working hard to develop career plans at different levels within the company. These go hand in hand with a very ambitious training program, which allows to enhance the individual qualities and work of each person.
Also, we have started an important digital transformation process, adapting to the SAP cloud. Thus, our employees can have greater transparency, convenience and speed in their procedures (vacation request, continuous evaluation, training, etc.). All this accompanied by the analysis of data that we already manage, using Big Data internally to anticipate future needs and respond to what is coming.

What is the employee profile of your company?

A priori it is difficult to define a profile when we have so different positions in a company like ours, counting with employees for physical stores, for logistics platforms and for central offices. What we do know is that we look for people who want to do different things, to take risks, to ask themselves why things are happening and if they think they can improve them, that they are brave and raise their hands, that they have the capacity to make decisions and desire. to change things.
At HiperDino, we want to stay away from the model "give me an order and I execute it", we evolved towards something much more integrating. And that change, without a doubt, part of the people that make up the company.

What measures do you carry out to favor the integration of people with disabilities?

Since 2016, the company has set itself the challenge of promoting the incorporation of people with special abilities in stores, warehouses and offices through an Integral Plan for the Care of Persons with Disabilities.
Today 130 people with special abilities are part of our team, convinced that companies have the possibility and ability to contribute to the configuration of a more just and egalitarian society.
In addition, we have implemented different measures in order to raise awareness and sensitize the staff about the employment of these people, considering that respect, tolerance and cooperation are essential.

At the moment, what is the job creation forecast of HiperDino?

The forecast of job creation is linked to the expansion plans of the company and the campaigns we carry out such as Christmas, Easter and summer months.
Also, the introduction of two days of rest per week, something very unusual in our sector, has led to an increase in hiring. In this way, our workers can better reconcile their family and professional life and contribute to the generation of employment.
Company training is one of the paths to success. In 2018, what was the investment made in training and what actions were carried out?
Last year we invested more than half a million euros in training, with more than 72,000 hours of training, in which 5,291 people participated from all the islands in which the brand has a presence and which are Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma and Tenerife.
The most important thing is that this training plan is the result of the responses of the 7,300 employees that make up HiperDino.

How do you manage the development of talent in HiperDino?

We developed it through the High Potentials program, an initiative that emerged with the aim of identifying, empowering and developing people with a key position in the organization or who could assume it in the future, and who have shown a high capacity for learning and commitment with draft projects for the company.
Participants attend business strategy sessions in the MBA Business School, receive advice by a coach and language training.
Once the training is over, they lead the development of three strategic projects, supervised by the Steering Committee.
The DA + project, which was implemented in 2014 as part of the corporate culture of HiperDino, what does it consist of and what is it assuming in the management and work of the staff?
DA + began as a project to achieve the satisfaction of our customers through the well-being of our teams. We soon discovered that it was something much deeper. It was a philosophy of work, a way of focusing on the professional day to day that went beyond the barriers of the standard, so little by little it was permeating in all corners of the company. We work happiness at work, which creates an exceptional environment, which results in the satisfaction of our customers.


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