Oliver Laxe sings popular songs in Arabic to thank Malaga

Malaga, Jun 6 (EFE), - The Malaga Talent 2021 award, Oliver Laxe, thanked Malaga for his hospitality and cordiality in the way he was taught as a boy, with a present, in this case in the form of a song in Galician and Arabic , accompanied by rhythms set by various friends and by Goya winner Benedicta Sánchez.

Oliver Laxe: "I am not an alien, I have the sensitivity of my time"

Oliver Laxe: "I am not an alien, I have the sensitivity of my time"

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"I love awards, the notion of success is not the same as failure, but whenever I have come to Malaga I have felt welcome, I, who have always been on the margins, in this city, like when the Goya, I I felt something like I was at home: as if they told me when you come you have a room to stay in, "said the filmmaker.

And, as a well-educated guest, Laxe has brought a gift to the house that welcomes him: Galician popular music, "the one that is sung at night in the houses, a music that has Muslim Arab influences", he singing fine in Arabic and Galician.

Laxe collected tonight the Malaga Festival's recognition of a filmmaker who has stood out for his talent and from whom many successes are expected later.

Only a tambourine, and the voices of Laxe and two of his friends, surrounded by the dance steps of Benedicta, who, broken and shy, could not help but thank Malaga for how well she has felt in this city from which she is always remember "from home".

"My career has been taking small steps, and I celebrate not having had the support that I think my films deserved because that has allowed me to have a much wilder relationship with reality; there is a radical convergence that makes my films different. "Laxe said in a video recorded in advance where he has reviewed his work, with images from his early films.

Suddenly, Laxe asks her to sing to Benedicta and she chooses to declaim a daily poem in Galician, a loving prayer that the audience at the Cervantes theater applauds with joy.

Party on the stage that concludes with the friends raising their Biznaga and retreating between tambourine beats, and the filmmaker lifting Benedicta in suspense to carry her in his arms to the exit.


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