Oliu believes that the political situation limits the economic dynamism of Catalonia

Oliu believes that the political situation limits the economic dynamism of Catalonia

The president of Banco Sabadell, Josep Oliu, said Monday that the economic dynamism of Catalonia is less than it could be due to political uncertainty and the "anomalous situation" that the community has been living for some time.

In a conference at the Chamber of Commerce of Sabadell, Oliu has indicated that Catalonia lived on October 1, 2017, when the illegal independence referendum was organized, a "critical period of institutional uncertainty", and that since then the community is still installed in the "anomaly", although "economic life has been normalized".

In his opinion, the Catalan economy is prosperous and is expanding, although its growth potential would be even greater if the political situation were different.

"The truth is that we are living a good economic situation," Oliu said, but the dynamism of the Catalan economy "is less than what would be wanted because of the potential it has because of these uncertainties."

He has lamented, in this sense, that "the attention of many people towards things that are not work" is diverted.

"I think the economic dynamism is lower than it could be in a situation of institutional and political tranquility and collaboration between estates," said the president of Sabadell, an entity that after 1-O moved its headquarters and tax to Alicante.

In front of more than a hundred businessmen from Valles, the executive remarked that "conflict always generates less dynamism", although he has acknowledged that the economic substratum in Catalonia "is positive" and "that makes us not complain or complain "

Oliu, on the other hand, has been critical of the increase in taxation provided by the General State Budgets designed by the Government of Pedro Sánchez.

"This is problematic," the banker has indicated, since "it weakens the progressivity of the economy."

In his opinion, in order to face social spending in Spain, rather than raising taxes, some structural reforms should be undertaken, such as the adjustment of the labor market, pensions or the reduction of the public deficit, for which a greater consensus is necessary Social.

"If this is not done, obviously the only way we have is to increase taxes, which limits the dynamism of the economy," he stressed.


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