July 5, 2020

Old-fashioned cars adorned celebrate the end of the harvest in Toro

Almost half a hundred cars adorned in the old-fashioned way have paraded this Sunday at noon through the streets of Toro to celebrate the end of the grape harvest in this denomination of wine origin to which this Zamora town is named.

The parade of cars, which has gathered hundreds of people, and the subsequent grape tread for the preparation of the first must of the campaign, have served to close the festive celebrations of the vintage in Toro, which are declared a festival of regional tourist interest .

This parade is the main act with which Toro celebrates the end of the grape harvest in the region and does so with an activity that serves to honor those who established the winemaking tradition.

To do this, the cars have transported wicker baskets full of grapes of the native variety Tinta de Toro as was done in the early twentieth century to bring the fruit of payments to the winery.

Along with the grapes, the cars have shown the food that in the past took to the days from sun to sun of vintage, among which there was no lack of torreznos, garlic soups, seasonal fruits and vegetables accompanied by loaves of bread.

The composition of the vintage of the past has been completed with the traditional costumes worn by those who made vintage and guided cars.

The parade has elapsed between the Plaza de San Francisco and the Plaza Mayor and has lasted for more than two hours to bring the past back to the streets of the historic center such as the Market Gate.

The historic past of the Toresana village has also been remembered with the medieval market that has developed since last Friday.

The activities of the harvest festival have been completed with acts and contests directly related to viticulture, such as a guided wine tasting of the Toro Denomination of Origin or the barrel painting contest.

The vintage in the Denomination of Origin Toro has been marked this year by the absence of rains during spring and summer that have resulted in a shorter harvest than usual but of high quality.

Even so, the reception of more grapes than expected in the last week has allowed the planned production of about fourteen million kilos of grapes to be increased by two million more, according to sources from the Toro Vino regulatory council.

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