April 15, 2021

Old altar boys accuse priest Pere Llagostera of abuse in Constantí | Society

Old altar boys accuse priest Pere Llagostera of abuse in Constantí | Society

Pere Llagostera served as parish priest for almost 30 years in Constantí, a small town close to Tarragona. The priest, honorary canon of the cathedral of that city, died in 2017 with 86 years. Now, two years after his death, some altar servers who were under his command have denounced the sexual abuse to which the priest subjected them. Among the victims is the musician Joan Reig, drummer of the band Els Pets. Reig has confessed that the song Corvus, which is included in the band's latest album, it deals with those episodes of sexual abuse. Through a statement, the archbishopric of Tarragona has replied that it does not know "any complaint or any indication" of libidinous practices carried out by Pere Llagostera.

The alleged touching and fellatio to minors would have occurred 50 years ago and were repeated several times. In statements to The newspaper, one of the presumed affected by the practices of the priest tells that the priest took excursions to the mountain to, during the nights, get in the bed of the children and satisfy their sexual impulses. The contributions to the brush of misa served to finance the exits of the priest and the altar boys to the Vall de Boí and it was during those trips when the priest had impunity to take advantage of the minors. The stories detail that, if someone woke up and surprised the priest, he claimed that he was covering them so they would not get cold.

Corvus, the song that Joan Reig, the drummer of the group Els Pets, wrote to exorcise those abuses, collects in his verses the appearance of "a figure in the darkness" that orders "open up small, that at night refreshes".

Pere Llagostera was a priest of late vocation. He did not wear his cassock until he was 30 years old, before he had worked in a bank, despite what became Cardinal Benjamín de Arriba and Castro's secretary. The degree of popularity he achieved among parishioners would have fueled the freedom he had to deal with children. Some of the complainants point out that, although they tried to warn of the priest's dishonest practices, the adverse reaction of the parents made them desist.

In its communiqué, the archbishopric of Tarragona laments "deeply" the suffering of the victims and puts itself at their disposal to "listen" to them. He adds that he is "fully committed" to the protection of minors, "in accordance with what Pope Francis demands in this matter," he concludes.


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