March 9, 2021

"Oh my God, this scares me"

The intense storm accompanied by hail, lightning and heavy rainfall has sown panic in the interior of the province of Ourense, where there have been instants of enormous concern that have led some neighbor to exclaim, with the fright in his body, " Oh my God, this is scary. "

The Monterrei region, specifically Infesta, has been among the most affected. The device deployed by the security forces and bodies has reacted quickly to the situation and all its troops took pains to request the inhabitants of the area to remain inside their homes.

Among the inhabitants of the nuclei that have suffered most strongly from this adverse climate, we have heard reflections such as "in my life I had seen something like this" and there were also moments of great tension, the biggest one believing that a man had been buried under the debris.

In Albarellos, the flood of the river, with the flow running freely, has left a Dantesque stamp, with cars that have literally been shipwrecked.

The tasks of control and rescue, which the neighbors supported with their help, have been continuous, by piecework, and there are numerous occasions in which the professionals of the respective bodies involved (Civil Guard, Civil Protection, Firemen) have had to carry with children, elderly people and pets that had been trapped by the water.

In arms, on shoulders, on horseback … All the techniques have been valid and used to protect the population, on a muddy terrain and plagued by rubble, tiles and bricks detached.

The General Direction of Emergencies and Interior of the Xunta had activated from the midday of this Monday an orange alert by storms and strong downpours in the zone of the mountain of Ourense.

As explained by the Vice President of the Xunta in a statement, the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) reported that cumulative rainfall of up to 30 liters per square meter in an hour could occur.

In the area of ​​Miño, Sur and Valdeorras a yellow warning was also set by storms and rains.

For this reason, and in order to ensure the safety of people and property, the General Directorate of Emergencies and Interior communicated the situation to the municipalities; Provincial Councils, provincial services and groups of volunteers of Civil Protection, and it was advised from the first warnings to adopt the necessary precautionary measures.

From the regional department recommended thus extreme precautions and consult the website of the CIAE 112, which has weather information and links of interest to citizens.

This Tuesday, in a very different day, presumably without showers, Galicia will gradually gain influence from the high pressures and will increase according to the forecasts the atmospheric stability.

Lorena Rodríguez de la Torre

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