Off with his head!

He is accompanied by a cartoonist in a state of grace, an Italian with a communicative drawing and classical wisdom, who brings the energy that a comic like this one needs. Great character design and perfect performances, with a very cinematic staging. Reading it is almost like attending a movie screening that I am sure will soon be made. I like the drawing even the imperfections, when it allows realism to relax to favor moments of a very black humor. His experience in the Italian market is evident in his realistic, popular and black and white series. Everything is functional and expressive and that is very important in a miniseries like this one where script twists abound and genre jumps, from police realism to pure fantasy horror, could easily mislead the reader if the cartoonist did not have the ability to maintain the course, even in the craziest moments of the plot. Although the surprises can be overwhelming, with versions of events that we ignore vary and accumulate forming an intoxicating collage, the drawing anchors us to a reality that allows us to suppose that there is a logic behind so much madness. .

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