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On September 30, 2009, the Gomeran whistle was inscribed by UNESCO on the representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This system of communication between the inhabitants of the island is prior to the conquest. Its origin is lost in the mists of time. The experts conclude that, after the arrival of the Castilians, the inhabitants of the island adapted the sounds to the language of the subjects of the Catholic Monarchs, and this is how it has survived to this day.

In football there are also whistles, those emitted by the referee's whistle, although sometimes there is a smartass who takes advantage of his ability to imitate it and take advantage of it.

Pinto's night

It was the year 2010, November, Champions night at the Camp Nou. Guardiola's Barça received Copenhagen, leader of the group and an attractive game. A dangerous rival who, if he got a good result, could complicate the desired first place in the group.

Barça goes ahead with a goal from Messi, minute 16, but Copenhagen does not lose face in the game, the Danes continue the threatening good game.

In the 26th minute, an oversight in the defensive system caused visiting striker Santis -without anyone to mark him- to receive a ball in good condition. Santis has a highway to Pinto's goal. His partner, the center forward, also accompanies him. The two of them against a single defender. The Camp Nou already discounts the draw. Suddenly, incomprehensibly, the Brazilian Santis stops, leaves the play, abandons the promising advance.

The partner breathes, Guardiola too, that looked like a sure goal.

No one seems to know what has happened.

Santis turns and expresses that he heard the referee's whistle, the referee gesturally indicates that he has not signaled anything.

A few laughs on the bench of Guardiola put the televisions on the track, and the origin of the sound is discovered.

José Manuel Pinto Colorado, Pinto brought out his ability to imitate the whistle when he observed that the play was dangerous and could complicate the game.

So well did he imitate the Pinto whistle that
Santis swallowed it. His coach, Solbakken, who he wanted to swallow was the Brazilian. The anger against Santis was important and the indignation with the local bench was tremendous, it was not for less, they had stolen an opportunity to tie and make the night much more complicated for Messi & Co.

UEFA investigated the matter and Pinto was suspended for a few matches. But the result remained as it was 2-0 for the locals.

Pinto thought that it was better to leave the fair-play thing for another moment, since the important thing was to cut off the attack.

Lozano, another who whistled

John Harold Lozano
He ended up at Real Valladolid in 1996. He had participated in the USA'94 World Cup with the Colombian national team.

Midfielder 1.92 tall, colliding with him was like hitting a rock.

He adorned his qualities with a particular ability that put coaches like a motorcycle -especially Pepe Moré.

In the training matches he imitated the whistle, he nailed it.

When he wanted to mislead or have fun for a while, he resorted to his unique dexterity and stopped the game by emitting the little sound.

This happened in a domestic environment, during training, until one day the Colombian went a step further and put it into practice in an official match.

On September 29, 2001, Real Madrid – Real Valladolid was played at the Santiago Bernabéu.

After 5 minutes, Zidane put the Whites ahead.

As soon as the center is taken, Valladolid approaches the white area, the attack goes to the right. There is an entry from the defender on the side of the area and Valladolid's 8 goes to the ground.
At that moment, Lozano decides to take his whistling virtues out for a walk. The Madrid players stop when they hear the sound (of the referee?) the ball is loose on its way to the bottom line.

Lozano's teammates, who had suffered his skill recognized the whistle, followed the play.
One picked up the ball without an owner and went into the white area, dead pass and empty goal without opposition Fernando Fernández scored a goal for Casillas.

Referee Téllez Sánchez pointed to the center of the field. Tie to one.

The marimorena was armed, the whites protested him energetically, but the referee said that he had not whistled.

Some local players were booked, which further inflamed the spirits on the field and in the stands.

Those of Valladolid celebrated the goal, Lozano with a half smile pretended to be clueless and wandered from here to there, as if trying to go unnoticed.

In these his goalkeeper, César, approaches him, laughing, to congratulate him. Lozano, who saw him coming, received him with a: "Get out of here asshole, you're going to give me away."

The game continued, Madrid squeezed the visitors, it seemed that that whistle would be the anecdote of that Madrid-Valladolid, even more so when the locals scored 2-1, in the 18th minute. That left the scoreboard in its predictable place, but the story does not end there.

In the final minutes of the match, the Mexican Cuahtemoc Blanco tied for two, from a direct free kick, his first goal in Spain.

A point that tasted like glory in the visiting feud but that left a bitter aftertaste... And it is that the Valladolid squad played a pool every day and had bet on 1 in that match.

It is clear that they did not have faith in their chances, but they did have a good eye for betting because they got the rest of the ticket right, only that one failed for the plenary at 15.

They had to settle for the prize for 13 correct answers for 94.68 euros instead of the 6,095.62 euros that were paid to the 183 winners of the plenary at 15 on that day.

The blanquivioleta squad was left on the way, between the whistle and the free kick, 6,000.94 euros, but they took a point from the Bernabéu and that does not happen every year.

You already see two whistles, Pinto's and Lozano's, which generated a lot of controversy, because they were not there to whistle.

The one who was there to whistle and did not stop

José Japan Sevilla refereed in the First Division for several seasons. The Andalusian official, in addition to having a very unique name, achieved a record that is still valid today.

It happened on the penultimate day of the 1995-96 League -May 19, 1996- at the Carlos Tartiere stadium in Oviedo.

Oviedo was already saved and Valladolid needed to win to avoid direct relegation.

Nothing foreshadowed what was going to happen in the next 90 minutes, Japan Sevilla
with the easy trigger, he did not hesitate to point out maximum penalties one after another. A whistle concerto in G major.

The match begins and minute 6, a penalty that converts Christiansen, 1-0. In minute 27, Peternac made it 1-1, also from a penalty. Before the break, Japan Sevilla points out another penalty in favor of Oviedo, same thrower and goal. 2-1.

Add up, 3 penalties in the first half.

The blanquivioleta fans who had traveled to Asturias were in the doldrums, they saw that this had a very dark color for their interests.

But at 49 minutes, the referee marks the penalty spot in the Oviedo area, Peternac launches it and scores a goal. Tie at two, hope is reborn in the stands occupied by visitors.

Four penalties and two doubles, for the moment.

And there were more than forty minutes left.

In minute 59, Mami Quevedo's play marks the 2-3.

Another penalty in minute 68 for Valladolid Peternac makes it 2-4. Some tranquility for the Valladolid fans, they put land in between.

In the 75th minute, Peternac made a play of 2-5.

In minute 84 he scored again, from a penalty, Peternac, 2-6.

At that moment the visiting fans are at the party and the locals also join in, in chorus they sing the
"a lemon, half a lemon, two lemons, half a lemon..." But the final blast was still missing.

Carlos from Oviedo cut the distance in minute 87 and left the score at 3-6, but Quevedo scored in the following two minutes, a goal in each one. Leaving the marker in a historic 3-8.

A game for the history of football, the goal and the penalty. 11 goals, with a brace -Christiansen, a hat-trick -Quevedo- and a repóker -Peternac-.

Japan Seville
He fully entered the Guinness Book by scoring 6 penalties in a single match. TAll the throws ended in a goal, with their corresponding whistles -by signaling it, by indicating that the thrower can proceed, by validating the goal and the one that marks the restart of the game-.
A whistle concert, only in penalties there are 24 whistles. The instrument was written off.

Unrepeatable? We'll see. Football goes on...

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