April 22, 2021

of every 100 euros lost, only gives direct aid 14 euros




The self-employed are one of the groups most impacted by Covid-19 along with the hospitality industry and, in different European countries, they have launched bulky «life preservers» to this group that in Spain exceeds three million people and that, in November, barely grew staying on ones 3.26 million self-employed registered with the RETA. But, according to the sector itself, Spain is not among the most generous nations and only this year it is estimated that the losses may be around 60 billion of euros.

According to ATA estimates, if you are autonomous in Germany For every 100 euros lost, the administrations have given you 74 euros in direct aid. In FranceFor every 100 euros of losses, the French authorities have given 58 euros to this group. For its part, in Italy the proportion is 44 euros received in aid for every 100 euros lost by Covid and, in UK, which adds to the pandemic the heavy digestion of Brexit every 100 euros that this group has left due to the virus has received public support for 38 euros. Finally, in Spain, this proportion is much lower: Of every 100 euros of loss, only 14 euros have been helped.

The gulf between the policies of Merkel’s Executive and those of Sánchez is important: The German Chancellor gave the green light at the end of October to an extraordinary aid package of up to 10,000 million euros with which to compensate companies and freelancers with the reimbursement of 75% of their income in November of last year with the only condition that this drop is due to Covid. If the losses are 50%, the German executive will contribute what is left to reach its total billing last year. Not only that: they have eliminated all bureaucratic obstacles, to try that the aid is available as soon as possible, and it has opted to support this group in fixed expenses such as the rent of the premises, electricity, water, gas, computers, and even, when adapting your business to the virus: screens, gels, gloves, masks, etc …

Different has been the “sensitivity” of Sánchez’s Executive towards this group, apart from the fact that Spanish finances do not have the privileged margin of their German counterparts: No direct payments and, as ABC reported a few weeks ago, rise since December 2 of the self-employed fees retroactively between 3 and 12 euros, from the minimum fee of 283 euros to 289 euros. While the highest goes from 1,208 to 1245. In any case, another rise at the beginning of the year is not ruled out in addition to charging the late surcharges due to the pandemic. All facilities.

In this context, the Executive announced new public support for this group last September 30, valid until January 31: allowance for closures ordered by the competent authorities for the pandemic, the ordinary cessation of activity compatible with self-employment or self-employment with the condition that your billing has decreased by 75% in the fourth quarter of the year with respect to the income of a year before; and aid for seasonal freelancers together with a new criterion in Social Security that opens the door for the self-employed who were closed to request the cessation of activity without paying Social Security contributions.

Apart are the different ICO credits, part of them destined for the self-employed, whose grace period was extended in October until March 2022.

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