Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

Odegaard is Real | sports

Go making way. Odegaard must stop looking at it as a promise. No need to see more: it is a finished product. It has deployment, football criteria, ability to clarify the moves with filtered passes, dribbling, medium distance shooting. A multiple talent, practical and attractive. When i say that It could not hurt another year at the Royal Society, I do not do it because it declines from its maturity, but because at the moment the staff of Madrid has plenty of resources. The context does not offer guarantees to gain ownership. When the workforce, for reasons of programming and age, is cleared of the highly regarded competitors it currently has, Odegaard will be able to arrive with the honors it deserves crack of your condition In the wait and with his youth, better to play 50 games with Real than to wait sitting in Madrid.

Hazard to water the flower. Pep Guardiola says that “Hazard is good until enough is said.” That is the player who lost Madrid two months ago without the team moving a hair. Today, players feel just as proud of the goals they don’t receive as they score. To that change of profile they owe their leadership. It was necessary to add muscle (those of Mendy and Valverde are made of reinforced cement), put the individual instinct at the service of collective intelligence and accentuate prudence at the cost of losing sense of adventure. But Hazard is knocking on the door and will bring the expressive, unbalanced and contagious football that characterizes him. The team, which closed the back door, will find with him variants to tear down the front one and thus Zidane will complete his work. Madrid will play like never before and, as prejudices rule, we will continue to say that it has a flower in the ass.

Fabian The crisis of Naples It caused such a noise that we forgot about Fabian. But this week he said “here I am”, scoring Inter a wonderful goal. He received the ball on the edge of the Italian area of ​​a Conte team, which means there were no spaces. As it is not convenient for him to think with the ball on his feet, he threw a short wall. He was greeted again by an opponent who dribbled back and, when he found a small clearing, took an awkward shot that stuck in an angle. Because of his cadentious style, more than a play it seemed a slow advice from grandfather. High, with the head raised, the criteria of a strategist and an action field that goes from area to area, transmits so much tranquility and security that, when he receives the ball, football ends the uncertainty and one, as an amateur, is relax Until his talent hits a scream that lifts you from the seat.

A handout, please. Superprofessionalism is weaving elitist plans for the near future, and its foci dazzle us so much that it doesn’t leave me with the perception that lto the new Copa del Rey It is nothing more than a handout for romantics. As football I love and romantic was always an accusation that suited me well, I accept alms. Because it reminds me that football is everything: a game at recess; another, improvised, in a park; a challenge against the neighborhood next door and, getting serious, the admiration of the idol, the love of the shield, the beautiful and fanatic fantasy of believing that our club, no matter the size, is different from everyone. There was always an aristocracy that occupied the covers and now moves, as never before, the industry. But down there there is still a fabric of clubs with enormous power: sentimental. The Copa del Rey removed from the hiding place the treasure that explains that social and cultural phenomenon called football.

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