March 6, 2021

Odebrecht identifies before the Peruvian prosecutors the pseudonyms used in his "box 2"

The former superintendent of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht in Peru Jorge Barata and his successor in the position, Ricardo Boleira, identified on Tuesday before Peruvian prosecutors in Sao Paulo the pseudonyms used by the company in its "box 2" scheme to bribe politicians and authorities of that country.

The Peruvian prosecutor's office finished on Tuesday at the headquarters of the Brazilian Federal Public Ministry, in Sao Paulo, the first phase of the collaboration agreement with the construction company with the decoding by Barata and Boleira of the information provided by the company.

"We are satisfied with the development of the diligence," the head of the Peruvian Prosecutor's Office for the Lava Jato case, Rafael Vela, who led the team that corroborated with Barata and Boleira, told reporters after twelve hours of interrogation "linking" people with the documents delivered.

On February 16, Peruvian prosecutors signed an agreement in Sao Paulo in which Odebrecht set out to deliver "valuable" documents and pay 610 million Peruvian soles (about 185 million dollars) to the Government of the Andean country for the bribes made .

Odebrecht admitted having delivered contributions to be awarded four major infrastructure works in Peru, between 2005 and 2014, as well as having supported the electoral campaigns of several political figures in the country.

"They have delivered a lot of information within the framework of the effective collaboration agreement that we respect and that as an institution we have defended," said Vela, for whom with the "privileged information delivery", "a series of hypotheses will be generated and others they are being checked within the work we do. "

The interrogation extended for twelve hours, managing to conclude the decoding of the information, and that is why the second session that was scheduled for Wednesday was canceled.

Vela explained that the pseudonyms used by Odebrecht for the payments were identified "almost entirely", although he admitted that "there are some who have not yet been able to be decoded because they need a context, but in reality they are few cases."

"Most of 'codinomes' (pseudonyms) have been identified in the case of Gasoducto del Sur, which as we know there is an express declaration of guilt of the Odebrecht company," he added.

On the alleged bribes for some consultants and communicators of the Andean country by Odebrecht, Vela avoided giving details, but said that all payments related by Barata and Boleira are "illegal, from the Department of Structured Operations in the so-called 'Box 2' ".

"What I can confirm is that information that corresponds to payments not accounted for each 'codinome' has been effectively delivered," he added.

According to Peruvian media, Barata revealed, among others, that the pseudonym "Careca" corresponds to the former mayor of Lima Susana Villarán, who has been issued 24 months in jail while being investigated for receiving $ 500,000 for her reelection campaign. change of the work Vías Nuevas de Lima.

Barata's lawyer, Carlos Kauffmann, told reporters at the end of the interrogation that "all the questions asked were clarified. That is part of the collaboration and everything went as it should in front of a collaboration."

"The collaboration continues, is continuous, and we are always available to effect the agreement and that the issues are resolved," he said.

Between February and April, the team of prosecutors took in the Brazilian cities of Salvador (northeast), Sao Paulo (southeast) and Curitiba the testimonies of several former executives of Odebrecht and other construction companies involved in the corruption scheme that has been shaking the high spheres of the Peruvian political class.

Parallel to the interrogation of Barata and Boleira, other Peruvian prosecutors and prosecutors advance this week similar actions in Curitiba, Salvador and Sao Paulo, where on Friday the conclusion of the statement of former representative of Camargo Correa in Peru is concluded Marcos Moura Wanderley before the attorney Jorge Ramírez.

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