October 23 will know if Correa is brought to justice for kidnapping

Next October 23 will be known if the national judge Daniella Camacho decides to take to trial the former president of Ecuador Rafael Correa for the crimes of kidnapping and illicit association in the plagiarism of a former exile legislator in 2012.

This was reported today by Fernando Balda, a well-known political opponent who was the object of the kidnapping that ended with an intervention by the Colombian police in Bogotá, and which has a private accusation.

According to a bulletin issued by the latter, Judge Camacho announced for "on Tuesday, October 23 at 11.00 a.m., local time (16.00 GMT) a hearing in which to issue an opinion on the appeal to the former president's trial Correa "and three others prosecuted in the case.

In addition to Rafael Correa, the other defendants in this case are the intelligence exagentes Raúl Chicaiza and Diana Falcón, both also witnesses in the case after accepting the figure of effective collaborator, and the former national intelligence secretary Pablo Romero, who is in Spain.

Correa, who resides in Belgium and weighs an Ecuadorian petition for the arrest of Interpol for breach of precautionary measures, denounces being the object of political persecution and lack of judicial independence in Ecuador.


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