July 11, 2020

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The bullfighting career of Octavio Chacón (Prado del Rey, Cádiz, 1984) is a long, long-suffering and victorious love story of the brave bull. He is convinced that his deep vocation, his patience and a superhuman faith in his possibilities are the pillars of a happy resurrection after 14 years of struggle and sacrifice without apparent reward.

His career is a curious adventure novel, one of the many starring heroic aspiring bullfighting glory, but with a surprising ending, -experienced, perhaps, and happy; a novel sprinkled with a fierce confidence in his conditions as a bullfighter; of a capacity for extraordinary abnegation and an unlimited effort to acquire knowledge and skills while waiting for an opportunity that arose when he himself did not expect it.

Against all odds – he has turned 34 and is a veteran in the suit of lights – he was recognized as revelation bullfighter of the last San Isidro Fair, and that discovery marked the beginning of a season that he now calls "the prettiest" of his life.Madrid discovered his bullfighting bullfighter that he was commissioned, after, to spread through Pamplona, ​​Bilbao and other prestigious squares before the most serious bulls in the field.

The fans have adopted it as emerging bullfighter, full of courage and craft, and Octavio Chacon, with a serious, withdrawn face and few words, sketches a shy smile and confesses that he is happy.

"My idea is to maintain myself as a bullfighter of breeders toristas"

The truth is that he has another good reason to be: he will be a father for the first time one of these days. "That son does not come with bread under his arm, but with a bakery," he says.

Octavio Chacón became a bullfighter as a child playing the bull in the streets of his town in Cádiz; he took the alternative in El Puerto de Santa María on February 28, 2004, and the illusion of the new matador's dream soon turned into despair. The "break" arrived, as the bullfighter calls it. "I did not fight much, but I tried on the field and I did not lose contact with the bull," he adds. "I was professionally unemployed, but I grew as a person."

And so on until, tired of complaining and looking guilty in their environment, decided to travel to Peru.

Octavio Chacón, on June 24 in the Plaza de Las Ventas.
Octavio Chacón, on June 24 in the Plaza de Las Ventas.

It was the year 2007, and as another emigrant he arrived in the South American country, where he spent eight seasons, until 2014, away from his parents and his partner, fighting 10 or 12 bullfights – a score of festivities including festivals – per year and won the silver enough to survive in a hostel in Lima. He acquired an office, but he could have despaired when he assumed that his effort had no reward. He triumphed in Peru, but those successes had no impact in Spain.

Then, he made the decision to become a banderillero. He commissioned two silver dresses, and on October 4, 2014, he made the paseíllo in the town of Fresnedilla in Ávila with the conviction that this would be his last evening as a bullfighter.

-I did not want to say goodbye in Peru, and the opportunity was offered to me by the mayor, José Luis Rodríguez, whom I had known since my inception. I asked my family and friends to accompany me that afternoon to not feel alone the day of my goodbye to the ladder of killers.

"I want to show that I have returned to stay"

The bulls announced belonged to the livestock of José Escolar, and left Hot, a brave exemplar with which Chacón could demonstrate all the knowledge learned in South American lands. The prize, unthinkable, hours before, was the animal's pardon, and the beginning of a new stage for the bullfighter. Thus, the imminent farewell became an unexpected resurrection.

That triumph opened the doors to him of the Valley of the Tiétar, the well-known one like Valley of the Terror, to which Chacón has baptized like the one of "the esperanza" ("because there I tanned myself as a bullfighter"). In May 2016, a corrida del Cura de Valverde in the French city of Alés made it known in the neighboring country; from there, to the first cattle challenge in Las Ventas, in September of 2017 with Saltillo and Juan Luis Fraile bulls. Although he could not succeed because of the difficulties of his lot, that appearance was the prelude to his first inclusion in the San Isidro Fair.

The event was on June 4, with bulls from the same ranch, which turned out to be tame, rough, hard and impossible for modern bullfighting. The first of the afternoon was given a return to the ring very protested after an incomprehensible presidential decision. With that bull, said the chronicles, Chacón, well planted, showed clear ideas and a good concept of bullfighting; pointed depth with the capote and drew a couple of batches of tempered right that knew to glory.

That afternoon it was clear that the Cádiz bullfighter is a value to keep in mind. That afternoon began a new phase of his life.

Gone is the experience lived in Peru.

"They were hard years, especially for being away from home and separated from mine, but I felt professionally alive there. It is true that I suffered many crises, because, sometimes, patience despairs. For that reason, last season I came to the conviction that I could not take it anymore, and I made the decision to become a banderillero. The only thing I wanted and wanted is for my life to depend on the bull, and being a subordinate is also important. I am delighted with that path without penalty. "

Now, the situation has changed and the goal is different …

"Now, my goal is to fit in the toristas corridas. I have found my site and there I want to stay. It would be the fulfillment of my life's dream. I believe that I am more than a bullfighter, but in this type of bullfighting there are bulls that can be bullfighting. My idea at this moment is to maintain myself as a bullfighter of breeders toristas. So is".

– And what has been the fate of the two dressed in silver?

"One of them I have put this season as a killer, and the other I have kept at home. You never know if I'll need next year … "

-You'll be happy …

"I am aware that my life has changed. I have given reasons for the fans to believe in me, and my goal is to keep it that way. I will try to make sure there are no more stops in my life: I must show that I have returned to stay. "


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