Objective: connect 10 million Spaniards with their doctor | Innovation

Objective: connect 10 million Spaniards with their doctor | Innovation

Juan Láriz and José Lorente are two engineers who met when the first one interviewed the second. He did not end up hiring, but they kept in touch until years later they would meet to found a medical teleassistance app that has proposed to connect 10 million Spaniards next year. The result is Gadaca.

"Some years after we met, we found that" this trend of telemedicine was hitting very hard all over the world and that there were many companies worldwide and that they were all different from each other, "says Láriz. complete the explanation, "even if we live in the city. Therefore, we missed the figure of the GP. We really liked that concept. "

The app puts patients in contact with doctors and nurses, and allows them to receive immediate primary medical-sanitary video assistance from private hospitals or by appointment. The app is available on Google Play and Apple Store, with free download, and offers "several plans that can be adapted to the needs of each client (prices range from five euros per month", according to the press release of the startup.

The hiring takes place "without health questionnaires, rejections or exclusions". Any person "can subscribe without restrictions by age, nationality, state of health, etc.", guarantee. Even video listening with real-time subtitles is offered so that people with hearing disabilities are not left out of this new opportunity.

With the initiative, the partners intend, on the one hand, that individuals "can receive personalized, humane, continuous and close medical care at any time and anywhere in the world" and that doctors "can benefit and be an active part of the transition to digital medicine. "

Both partners went to work during the first semester of 2017, although the company was not constituted until the end of 2017. Commercial contacts started already 2018. Based on putting hours, basically. "We have advanced by putting hours," explains Láriz.

Also based on money. The investment has come from entrepreneurs with export firms in Latin America or with contacts with sectors in different countries, which could open doors in the future. "Inside that they were all known people, well-known entrepreneurs: we have tried to add smart money"


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