April 15, 2021

O2 discounts 8 euros its fiber package for 40% of its customers | Economy

O2 discounts 8 euros its fiber package for 40% of its customers | Economy

O2 will reduce from today from 58 to 50 euros per month (VAT included) the price of the fiber and mobile package (100 Mbps of symmetric fiber, 20GB of mobile data and unlimited mobile calls) that is marketed in the territory regulated by Competition, announced the director of O2, Pedro Serrahima, in an interview with EL COUNTRY.

Thus, the only convergent offer that Telefónica's second low-cost brand has cuts its price difference to only 5 euros compared to the one charged in the main 66 cities (located in liberalized territory), which costs 5 euros per month. For its part, the only mobile rate, which offers a 20GB bonus and unlimited calls for 20 euros per month throughout the country, remains unchanged throughout Spain.

O2 rates are not the same in all cities because the regulation imposes regulated prices in those areas where it considers that there is not enough competition, and forces Telefónica to share its networks. The zone of free competition is the largest 66 cities in Spain determined by the National Commission of Markets and Competition.

"We have 40% of the customers in those cities, among which are some as important as Bilbao, San Sebastian, Santander or Palma Mallorca, that they will not have to do anything, not even a call, they will be automatically reduced That price on the next invoice. But also, we keep saying that when your city is free [los precios mayoristas de la fibra dejen de estar regulados por la CNMC] We are going to return all the money they have been paying for more than the clients who pay 45 euros, up to a maximum of 220 euros, which is what the law tells us. "

O2 was born in June. His staging was almost tapadillo, as if it were a project in the background for Telefónica. Some posters on bus shelters, ads on-line and a little more. It was Telefónica's latest attempt to create a simple alternative to the low-cost offers with which its rivals were taking away customers every month such as Amena and Simyo (Orange), Lowi (Vodafone) and MásMóvil (PepePhone).

And it seems that the experiment has worked, according to Pedro Serrahima, the manager who stood up Pepephone and brand new signing of Telefonica to direct the project. "O2 goes very well because it is done as it has to be done, and it is really the company of a single client because they are all the same. We have only two rates: one for fiber and mobile for 45 euros and another for mobile, for 20 euros per month. And we do not sell anything else, "he said in an interview with EL PAÍS.

Serrahima does not want to give customer figures but, when asked, does not deny that in just six months, O2 has become the second operator that attracts more customers from the rivals through the portability procedure, which allows you to change your company while preserving the number.

Pedro Serrahima, at a moment of the interview.
Pedro Serrahima, at a moment of the interview.

"95% of customers come from portability from other companies because we only have one mobile offer and another with fiber, and the sensible thing is to bring the number. We are taking clients away from companies that are more sensitive to our service model, direct and transparent. The nucleus is in an audience between 35 and 45 years, reasonable economic level, quite online and very well informed, "he says.

Serrahima argues that the success of O2 is coming by its model of customer treatment, in which there are only two services, with two rates, without promotions, and in which it is prohibited to sell any added service or send advertising.

"If you get a customer with a gift, they'll leave with another gift. But we get it based on information and real service. So it is very difficult to leave because there is no other company than more accurate information than O2 gives. On a network like Telefónica, which is the best in Spain, we add a reasonable price and a service that nobody has either, because it is not based on making the ball or giving you gifts, but on attending you at first and then leaving you in peace".

Relationship with Movistar

Regarding the cannibalization of Movistar customers, the O2 manager downplays it. "Movistar is my big brother. We bring Movistar customers because of their market share, because we have given up on capturing customers using the commercial channels of Movistar, nor their stores for distribution. The main client of Movistar is the one that wants to have everything: the best fiber, the mobile phone, the football and the movies. And O2 covers the space of the decision maker to give up TV and only wants fiber and mobile. So the reasonable thing is to go and get it outside, not inside the building because it would not have any merit. "

The former PepePhone, before it was sold to MásMóvil, is confident that word of mouth is already becoming one of the sales channels for the level of customer satisfaction "O2 is now the only operator that does not You have people to sell you something and charge for it. We all suffer as a consumer the fight with our telecommunications company, insurance or the bank. Also, you know that when you call them you will never be right, because that clause of the contract you signed and that was actually there is activated. Our objective is just the opposite. Everything is so simple that you pay 45 euros and you forget forever. And if you suddenly have a discrepancy of 10 euros, for example, due to a roaming problem, we give you the reason in advance and we will refund your money and then we will study the case. "

"You do not have to have any interaction with your company, it's peace, and that's only understood when you do not have it." People should not devote their free time to fighting with their bank or their teleco Because those calls are generated by the company's own commercial management, not by the client "

In addition, Correos has reached an agreement with O2 to market its fiber and mobile offer through its network of 2,400 branches. In this way, the low cost brand will have physical points of sale throughout Spain, since until now it is only sold through channels on-line, by telephone and in the Media Markt stores, as announced yesterday by the Correos communication department when it became known that this was one of the topics discussed in the interview of this newspaper with Serrahima.


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