April 18, 2021

O Cebreiro: The friar on the Camino de Santiago insinuated himself to another minor but she blocked him on Facebook | Society

O Cebreiro: The friar on the Camino de Santiago insinuated himself to another minor but she blocked him on Facebook | Society

At the time when the Franciscan friar José Q.A. He deployed his religious work in the sanctuary of O Cebreiro (Lugo), he also insinuated himself to other women, and even to a minor, different from the 16-year-old girl he allegedly abused and for which he now sits on the bench of the accused. Several neighbors of the area have testified today in the Provincial Court of Lugo, as well as forensic, civil guards and a social worker, and at the end of the morning the trial has been seen for sentencing. The prosecutor of the case, Lucía Girón, has upheld her 17-year request for the friar to final, while the defense attorney, Ana Burgo, has asked for absolution and insists on the "innocence" of the Franciscan. The prosecution accuses him of sexually abusing the neighbor of 16 years and his cousin with mental disability. Also to elaborate pornographic material, supposedly with the photos taken during the meetings with the girl, that most of the times took place in the sacristy of the pre-Romanesque temple of O Cebreiro, entrance of the Camino de Santiago to Galicia.

In the first session of the trial, which began on Tuesday and today has been seen for sentencing, the friar had reported that the first sexual encounter with the minor had taken place in the sacristy, which I had lumbalgia for unloading a truck of candles, and that the girl offered to give him "a massage". Sufría "a deep depression" and "lost the north", settled. Although later said that the girl was getting money for "being with other people" and that the relationships (dated between November 2014 and February 2015) were "pampered"At that time, the Franciscan was arrested by the Civil Guard and placed in provisional prison.

Today several neighbors have recognized that they contacted through Facebook with the Franciscan, and one of them, who at that time was 16 years old, as the alleged victim of the friar, blocked him from the insinuations made by him in the networks. The psychologists of the Civil Guard, who have declared from Madrid by videoconference, remember that the cousin told them about a meeting with the friar and the minor with whom he maintained relations in a house owned by the family of the religious in Ourense. "Your cousin had told you that the priest I was going to give you money, "the agents explained. The young man told them that they ate, drank, and there was "a sexual contact between him and his cousin", with an "attempted penetration from behind" by the religious.

Computer scientists of the Civil Guard detected that the religious navigated pornography pages and kept archives

Another team of civil guards, specialists in computer science, have described the great activity of the friar in the handling of Internet and explained that in the tracking of their electronic devices, in addition to 114 photos of the small one, 23,000 images appeared. They detected that he was browsing pornography pages and keeping files.

The social worker of the City Council of Pedrafita do Cebreiro (where the sanctuary is located, since a decade ago in charge of the Franciscans) has testified that both young people lived in a village 10 kilometers from the municipal capital, and that they had "little relationship with the neighbors ", although they were" cordial ". It has admitted in the case of the minor that could suffer "emotional deprivation", motivated by a family environment practically in a situation of social exclusion. During the time in which they maintained relations, the office of the public prosecutor calculates that the friar gave to the girl about 900 euros and to the cousin, 150 the time that accompanied it to his house of Ourense.

The psychologists of the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Galicia (Imelga) have assured that the testimony of the young person with disability about the attempt of penetration that the friar denies, is "credible". And on the minor have said that he has "a low intellectual level." The prosecutor of the case speaks of "intellectual quotient very close to the limit capacity".


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