July 12, 2020

Nutritionists warn that obesity multiplies COVID deaths

Nutritionists warn that obesity multiplies mortality by COVID-19 and therefore they consider that at this time, with the de-escalation, when people are wanting to make a social life, it must be influenced as much as in the washing of hands or in social distancing.

The de-escalation and the desire to go out to enjoy can lead to “excessive consumption of alcohol and a chaotic diet”, according to Juan Pedro Fernández Corbelle, member of the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (SEEO), who calculates that with the Confinement Many citizens “have dropped their guard” and have gained an average of between four and seven kilos.

The first studies in China, according to the specialist, have revealed that while of all ICU patients there was a mortality of 50%, in obese people the mortality was 85%.

In patients with COVID-19, in phases II and III of the disease, the most severe, the immune system is out of control and this leads to the organism to a severe inflammatory state in which complications such as coagulation disorders appear, with formation thrombus, and the involvement of various organs.

This situation of superinflammation in these patients, according to the medical expert in nutrition, has allowed researchers to find a statistical association of obesity as one of the main risk factors for complications and mortality.

“Obesity already supposes in itself a situation of inflammation of the human organism, and the combination COVID-19 and obesity can be fatal”, argues Fernández Corbelle.

The reason must be found in that when an overweight patient reaches the inflammatory trigger phase, he is in an advanced state of hyperinflammation and the worsening of the disease due to severe complications is, according to the doctor, “practically inevitable”.

For this reason, nutritionists conclude that you must avoid gaining weight and make a healthy diet that allows you to lose those extra kilos.

While the patient succeeds, the expert advocates improving the immune system and the inflammatory response with micronutrients, such as vitamins C, D3 and K2, zinc and copper, selenium and Omegas 3 acids, but always under the supervision of a specialist because excess any of them can generate toxicity.


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