June 4, 2020

Nursing homes will buy COVID rapid tests in the private market

A group of residences in the Community of Madrid will buy protection material and quick tests against the coronavirus crisis in the private sector as they continue “without concrete news” of when the material announced by the regional government will arrive.

In a letter sent to the families of the users to which Efe has had access, they have indicated that before the “unsuccessful” efforts of Health to acquire the rapid tests they have decided “to acquire them in the private market”.

“We consider them essential to be able to defend ourselves against the pandemic. We hope to have you by the end of next week,” they have pointed out and clarified that they do not have any positive in their residences but two users with COVID-19 in the hospital.

They have inquired that before asymptomatic people it is not known if they are carriers of the coronavirus or not, so when the tests have been carried out they will be able to “send workers to quarantine” and in the case of positive residents, “they will be able to isolate them in specific areas of the center.”

They are still waiting for the arrival of personal protective equipment (PPE) for their workers and have ensured that they still have enough material for a few days since “they continue to make emergency purchases and search anywhere.”

From the group of residences they have affirmed that seven workers are in quarantine and an additional one that has tested positive at home. “The health and social policy authorities of the Community of Madrid are informed of the situation of the center and communication is daily and fluid.”

A total of 1,065 elderly have died in nursing homes in the Community of Madrid this March, although these deaths “cannot be attributed exclusively to the coronavirus due to the lack of tests to detect it,” according to sources from the Ministry of Social Policy. .

The data is the result of the work carried out by the inspectors of the Center for Quality Control and Inspection (CIRA) in the 475 residences in the Community of Madrid, in which a total of 52,031 elderly people reside.


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