Nurses warn of other risks associated with punctures

Nurses warn of other risks associated with punctures

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Among them, HIV or hepatitis stand out | The situation causes "true terror" to these health professionals

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The General Nursing Council (CGE) has warned this Thursday that the
punctures that many girls are denouncing in leisure environments exposes them, in addition to the risks associated with the substances that are being injected, to other derivatives of the materials used, such as
HIV infections or hepatitis.

The CGE has already alerted the Autonomous Nursing Councils and the provincial colleges about the risks that inoculated substances may pose, such as inhibition of will, inability to defend oneself or make decisions, drop in blood pressure, loss of consciousness are some of the symptoms.

It can be even worse in people with some pathologies associated with pharmacological treatments, who may have
rAdverse reactions to these substanceswithout forgetting the other possible ones that they have consumed voluntarily that, when mixed with a new dose of another drug, could lead to a
major intoxication.

«The effects are quite immediate and if you have a puncture sensation, you have to quickly warn trusted people so that they can monitor if there is a
sedation or loss of control«, has pointed out the secretary general of the Council, Diego Ayuso, who adds that, many times, the substance is no longer detected in the analyzes that are carried out on the girls in hospital centers.

But, beyond the injected drugs, the nurses warn of the risks of the materials that are being used in punctures outside the health field, which very possibly
are not disinfected or have even been used with other peopleexposing victims to infections such as HIV or hepatitis.

“We are faced with a situation that,
As health professionals, we are absolutely terrified. It is inconceivable that these types of practices are taking place, either to carry out a subsequent abuse or simply to scare women", lamented the president of the CGE, Florentino Pérez Raya.

Thus, it urges public administrations to
“work with absolute haste” to stop these practices and implement protocols to help the victims and convict the attackers and call on the Government to
toughen penalties for offenders by Royal Decree and create specific surveillance and prevention actions against these crimes to the Security Forces and Bodies.

In this regard, it urges the central and regional governments and the Ministries of Health and Equality to work together to take the necessary measures and put an end to a situation that
"puts women's freedom at risk".

The nurses have prepared an infographic with action guidelines for victims and companions in the event of being subjected to a puncture; They consider it essential that if you feel one (which is like a pinch and usually a red dot remains in the area), you quickly ask for help by informing friends or the staff of the room, disco or festival where you are.

Be attentive to the symptoms -itching, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, drowsiness, among others-; going immediately to a health center without changing clothes, calling the police and processing the complaint are more recommendations given to the girls.

To his companions, surroundings and witnesses, he recommends them to notify if they see that someone is not well, call the emergency services, monitor the appearance or aggravation of symptoms, separate the victim from the crowd and seek help without leaving him alone.

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