Nurses take to the streets to demand better working conditions

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The demonstration, attended by 8,000 people according to the organizers, has been noted in front of the Congress of Deputies and has concluded in the Ministry of Health

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1,700 nursesaccording to data from the Government delegation in Madrid, have mobilized this Sunday to demand greater funding for public health, an increase in staff in their specialty and the improvement of their working conditions, in a festive demonstration that has brought together professionals from Castilla y León, Andalusia,
Canary Islands or the Community of Madrid, among other places.

Presided over by a banner with the slogan 'For the nursing profession and health', the march, called by the Nursing Unit platform and four other sector associations, has covered the sky of Madrid with white balloons and a multitude of protest posters, with slogans such as 'Vocation does not justify exploitation', 'More resources and fewer speeches' or 'More nurses, fewer counsellors'.

The demonstration, to which
attended 8,000 people According to the organizers, it has been noted in front of the Congress of Deputies and has concluded in the Ministry of Health, alternating, throughout the morning, a festive and combative atmosphere.

Manuel Cascos, spokesperson for the Nursing Unit, has outlined to the media the main demands of the convening entities, which range from
the implementation of the draft law on equity, universality and cohesion of the National Health System (SNS), early retirement, the reduction of temporary staff and waiting lists or the improvement of "precarious" working conditions and remuneration of nurses.

“We are not going to allow public health to fallwe are not going to allow the impoverishment of social and health centers, we are not going to allow indolence to be instilled into it (the SNS) from the public administration, it is a suffering that we are not willing to passively tolerate, “he pointed out.

Cascos has also warned that today "is not the end of anything", but "the beginning of everything", and has urged political leaders to take "a 180 degree turn" in the management of public health and the conditions of the nurses, while underlining that, after the summer, the Nursing Unit will promote more mobilizations, possibly "with new actors".

Despite the fact that one of the most repeated songs has been
'We already need a health strike', Florentino Pérez, president of the General Council of Nursing, has assured journalists in statements that the measure is not yet on the table, while the convening entities maintain the hope that they can be
"heeding" in your demands.

"We have always fought for citizens and health and we are seeing that, if some kind of force is not made, of mobilization, in the end health will sink," he warned.

For his part, Jesús Sanz, president of the National Association of Nursing Directors, recalled that the nursing staff has worked "selflessly" in favor of the patient and the sustainability of the system, for which he has asked for recognition of the contribution they make to the sustainability of public health.

This has also been understood by Araceli Santos, president of the Occupational Nursing Association, who has lamented that the staff of the branch in Spain, some
«300,000» people, maintain precarious contracts.

"It is curious that a government that is talking about job security and is announcing that it improves all working conditions, has its public employees in such a precarious way," he criticized

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