Nuria Rock | The presenter is moved to hear the words of a Ukrainian hiding in a shelter: "It is inevitable"

The Russian invasion of Ukraine keeps many citizens in suspense. Since the invasion of the army of Vladimir Putin most of the national programs analyze how the confrontation evolves and 'The rock' He also set his sights on the area on Sunday afternoon. Nuria Rock wanted to connect with a Ukrainian woman who moved much of the audience for his words of despair.

The LaSexta program made a video call with a Ukrainian woman who is in a shelter protecting herself from the military who narrated her experience: "I'm not in Kiev, the situation is calmer because there are no such interesting areas to attack."

The woman was moved to talk about how she is directly suffering from the war: "Here I have my parents, my brother, my husband and we are going to stay in the Ukraine. It's my country" explained broken by the situation.

His testimony caused many of those present on the program to break into emotional tears, such as Nuria Roca. The presenter could not contain the tears: "Nuria's emotion is also inevitable. Feeling that emotion seeing Natasha's and her fear, it is inevitable not to get emotional", added Juan del Val to pick up the witness of the program.

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