August 7, 2020

Now that you've left 'The Walking Dead', it gets interesting | TV

When few people were betting at this point The Walking Dead, go and resuscitate. The series of zombies has just dismissed its ninth season with the worst audience data since its premiere. Gone are the 17.2 million viewers who followed the start of the fifth season, the ceiling reached by the series. Then it was one of the most viewed stories of all American television. The penultimate episode of the ninth installment was the least followed of the entire series, with only 4.15 million viewers in its live broadcast in the US. The abandonment of so much fan is understandable after several seasons in which the characters have been walking in circles in the desert without going anywhere. The stories had become repetitive and the characters, tired.

But, miraculously, in its ninth season The Walking Dead resurrected. For this he has needed a great clean. He has changed the behind-the-scenes controls, with Angela Kang as showrunner. And above all he has done character cleansing. The march of Andrew Lincoln (Rick) has been accompanied by the exit through the back door of Lauren Cohan (Maggie), who could return at some point with less presence. Throughout the season, other characters have disappeared (spoilers of the ninth season from here): Jesus, Dwight, Henry, Tara and Enid have come out of the equation in different circumstances. In addition, in the next season Michonne (Danai Gurira) will only appear in a limited way before leaving to focus on his film and theatrical career. Returning to this season, halfway through there was a temporary leap of several years that allowed introducing new dynamics in history in a more natural way.

The Walking Dead season 9

It has also helped to revitalize the series the arrival of the new villains, the Whisperer, and its leader, Alpha, played by Samantha Morton. Disturbing already in their walking masks, their presentation through the daughter of Alpha was done carefully and well planned. All his vileness was verified in chapter 9×15 with a dozen heads stuck in as many pikes. The final episode has also put the characters in a new extreme situation: a great snowfall that forces them to reconsider alliances.

The Walking Dead has returned to combine personal stories, adventures and action in a balanced way and that has managed to interest the viewer. The fresh air has been very good and has given rhythm to some plots that were stuck and that only a few followed by inertia more than by real interest. Fortunately for those survivors, the insistence has been rewarded and there is hope for the series, which is already renewed for a tenth season and has no sign of having a near end. On the contrary: throughout this season, AMC has announced that it will produce several films with Andrew Lincoln as protagonist and that it will launch a new spin off. It seems that the zombie hen of the golden eggs still has life.


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