‘Now Olga’, Telecinco’s weapon against the outcome of ‘Woman’ on Antena 3

Telecinco broadcasts this Wednesday, starting at 10 pm, Olga Moreno’s response to Rocío Carrasco’s documentary. The winner of ‘Survivors’ will be the star of’ Now Olga ‘, a special presented by Carlos Sobera in which Antonio David Flores’ wife will give her version of events.

This program will be the great asset of Mediaset against the outcome of ‘Mujer’ (11:30 pm). After having garnered huge audience data over the last year, the Turkish series comes to an end on Antena 3 with an episode that will answer all the questions that are in the air: Can Bahar finally achieve complete happiness as the strong woman? and independent what is it? Will Arif be the ultimate person you’ll want to share your life with alongside Nisan and Doruk? Will Sirin regret his actions?

Delta del Ebro and Campo de Criptana, in ‘Comando al sol’

In The 1 of TVE, ‘Comando al sol’ travels to the Ebro Delta. Agustí Bertomeu lives off tourism, taking boat travelers among dozens of nurseries where curly oysters and mussels grow. The boats sail daily to offer tons of mussels a day, in floating restaurants. In addition, thousands of tunas also live under the waters, among which adrenaline and adventure lovers dive. A unique experience in the world that 15,000 people sign up for every summer.

The reporters of the program will also travel to Campo de Criptana, a town in Ciudad Real that Cervantes immortalized with the adventures of Don Quixote. One of its inhabitants was María Antonia Abad, the universal Sara Montiel. In the company of his great-nephew, the public television program will transport its viewers to another era.

Cuatro and laSexta compete with their film offerings

After ‘First dates’, Four airs at 10:50 pm the movie ‘Inglourious Basterds’, starring Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz, Mélanie Laurent, Diane Kruger and Michael Fassbender, among others. As Europe bleeds to death during the Nazi occupation of World War II, a small battalion of vengeful Jewish soldiers led by Aldo Raine is trained to perform a reckless feat: assassinate Hitler and the highest officials of the German Third Reich.

the sixth He also dedicates his prime time to the cinema with the broadcast of ‘Two crazy people and many curves’ (10:30 pm), with Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott. Bo and Luke, two lovers of cars and fun, find themselves riding some of the most dangerous roads in Hazzard County on a mission. With the help of his uncle Jesse and his cousin Daisy, they must save the family business.


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