Novell’s future after marrying civilly, in the hands of the Pope

The future of Xavier Novell, at least the ecclesiastical one, is in the hands of the Vatican. Specifically, of Pope Francis, with whom the still bishop emeritus of Solsona was able to meet this summer, and the only one who could manage his secularization, and his future wedding by the Church, after he contracted a civil marriage last night in the justice of the peace of Súria .

The couple were “hunted” by TV3 when entering the building, holding hands and smiling, without making any statements. Her pregnancy was visible. After the wedding, Novell has incurred a crime specified in canon 1394 of the Code of Canon Law as’ crime of attempted marriage “, which entails suspension latae sententiae.

This is stated in the canon: “The cleric who attempts marriage, even if only civilly, incurs in suspension latae sententiae; and if, after being admonished, he does not change his conduct and continues to cause scandal, he can be gradually punished with deprivation or also with expulsion from the clerical state. ”

Can Xavier Novell be expelled from the clerical state? Officially, it seems difficult, since no one has admonished the still prelate to ‘change’ his behavior, something that on the other hand seems difficult since he has married, among other reasons, because the still bishop emeritus of Solsona and Silvia Caballol are expecting twins. Nor has he shown any signs of wanting to reverse his situation, rather the opposite: although he continues to go to Mass, Novell has withdrawn from the ecclesiastical world and has not responded to the requirements of his diocese or accepted the salary that corresponds to him as bishop emeritus on behalf of of the Episcopal Conference. In fact, it has begun to work in a pig insemination company in Cardona.

“He can only opt for a civil marriage, because he is still a bishop. And if he does this, he already knows what will come next,” said the president of the Episcopal Conference, Juan José Omella, a few weeks ago, in the closest thing to a ‘reprimand’ that Novell has been able to receive throughout the process which, according to RD, is being piloted directly from Rome.

In fact, the diocese of Solsona has confirmed to that “we are not going to say anything. We have found out from the press.” Everything seems to indicate that Novell could have started a process of secularization directly in the Vatican, probably with the permission of the Pope. Hence the reservation, and the silence of the Spanish Church in the face of a situation that, without a doubt, is generating scandal, as indicated by Canon Law.

“I wish Xavier Novell the best of the best: happiness and peace and that he be a good husband and father. And to the faithful of Solsona and to those who have felt disappointed or belittled, remember that our faith is in Jesus and that we are all human and that forgiveness is a Christian virtue “, Sister Lucía Caram pointed out in networks.

For his part, the priest Francesc Romeu, stressed how “it is very curious that it is faster for a bishop to marry civilly than the Holy See appoints a bishop for the diocese of Solsona.” The last word, it seems, will be the Holy Father.

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