Novartis donates a drug to treat seriously ill patients with COVID-19 - La Provincia

Novartis has made available to the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), his oncohematological drug ruxolitinib to treat patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia who are experiencing cytokine storm, a type of severe immune hyperactivation that can lead to life-threatening respiratory complications.

Preclinical evidence indicates that, by acting on the cytokine storm, ruxolitinib could reduce the number of severe COVID-19 patients requiring intensive care and mechanical ventilation.

Through the donation, the pharmaceutical company intends to respond to the healthcare needs of Spanish patients and release the health burden reducing the volume of serious cases. Novartis will provide hospitals that request medication for seriously ill patients with COVID-19, through the AEMPS platform for medications in special situations, according to the conditions described in said platform.

This donation of the drug ruxolitinib is in addition to Novartis' commitment to face the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, the company, in response to the request of the AEMPS and within the commitment of donation of 130 million doses of hydroxychloroquine Worldwide, it has donated hydroxychloroquine - produced by Sandoz - to the Spanish health authorities to treat several tens of thousands of Spanish patients hospitalized by COVID-19.

Likewise, the company delivered a sanitary material to the National Health System, for a value close to one million euros, through the air corridor created by Fenin, Oesia and Iberia, and together with the support of the ministries of Health, Finance, Commerce and Tourism. The donation included 794,000 surgical masks and 12,404 Covid tests from suppliers approved to the Institute of Health Management (INGESA), dependent on the Ministry of Health.


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