Nourished feminist march in Ecuador calls for decriminalization of abortion

Hundreds of Ecuadorian women staged on Saturday a large feminist march in Quito in favor of the decriminalization of abortion and demanded that the government veto a resolution of the National Assembly (Parliament), which refused to accept that possibility in case of rape.

Most women wore green scarves with the legend "I decide. Free abortion" and harangued for women's rights on "Global Action Day for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion."

"Girls are girls, girls are not mothers," were some of the slogans chanted by the activists who gathered in the Plaza del Teatro, in the colonial quarter of Quito.

From that place, the large group walked through several streets of the city center in the middle of chants and phrases against patriarchal and capitalist society.

A large green cloth with the slogan "Together for our right to decide" opened the demonstration that started applause from passers-by and even some nuns who joined the cause of feminists.

Many activists warned of the danger posed by an unwanted pregnancy and a clandestine abortion and argued that at the present time "surviving an abortion is a class privilege."

Verónica Vera, of the "Aborto libre Ecuador" collective, assured Efe that this is one of the activities that feminist groups have prepared to demand that women's rights to decide on their bodies be respected.

Vera lamented that in the Legislative, the strength of the number of votes has not given way to a right that is currently guaranteed in various parts of the planet.

"Again, women and girls were denied the possibility of making a free decision on the right to abortion as a result of rape," said Vera, who claimed the country's president, Lenín Moreno, to veto what was decided by Parliament.

"It is time for Moreno to veto this law," as it is an "ethical minimum" for decriminalizing abortion for rape, the activist added.

He also criticized the position of several groups called "Pro-life" or ultraconservatives who oppose even the possibility of abortion in case of violations.

Those "anti-rights" sectors, some linked to the Church, are "powerful, have resources, have capital and are in a campaign of misinformation" about the reality of abortion in the country, Vera said.

Therefore, women "will continue to fight" until "dignity becomes customary" and "women's autonomy is respected," he added.

"Our life depends on our struggle" and that is why this activity is to claim "a dignified life," added the feminist, who demanded that "be legislated based on reality."

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