February 27, 2021

Notre Dame works suspended for workers' safety

Notre Dame restoration works have been temporarily suspended to rethink the health security measures for workers, who have not been "sufficiently respected," the Paris Prefecture said Thursday in a statement.

The suspension will last a few days, from Thursday, "until maybe the end of next week," said Michel Cadot, prefect of the Ile-de-France region at a press conference.

After the fire of the cathedral on April 15, frequent analyzes have been carried out that have recorded high levels of lead in the surroundings, mainly from the combustion of the arrow and the roof of Notre Dame.

This contamination requires a series of very strict safety protocols for operators that, according to the prefecture, have not been properly implemented, such as decontamination showers, use of work overalls or rest times.

Lead specialists and a prevention company work to preserve adequate sanitary conditions for a hundred workers who occupy the construction site.

The prefecture will take advantage of this time of suspension for the drafting of an "operating regulation" and, as Cadot advanced, workers will receive training courses every morning when work is resumed.

This measure, taken to "protect the personnel working in the restoration", was known on the same day that the City Council announced the temporary closure of two schools near the cathedral after having found lead concentration rates above the authorized limit.

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