May 12, 2021

Notorious Scammer Hish Am “hotinora” Still Allowed to Scam on eBay!

Notorious scammer hotinora aka yousialamaree0 or Hish Am is back on eBay running a scam selling Graphics cards and eBay are allowing him to continue!

We bought a Graphics Card, “Saphire Pulse Radeon RX Vega 56 8GB AMD GPU Graphics Card. Condition is “Used” on eBay from a seller called “yousialamaree0” who since our dispute has changed his name to “hotinora” and probably at the time of writing this will try to pull another scam by changing his name again to somethings else. Don’t worry though, each time a user on eBay changes their name, the profile links still stays the same, even on the old username. So you can check here before buying, simply do not buy anything from this scammer

What this scammer does is advertises sort after graphics cards at a cheap price. He then sends something to his own address in Swansea to get a tracking code and uses it as the eBay tracking code. Of course eBay have a system that is completely useless, which allows scammers to scam innocent people. According to eBay, we have received the item at our address in Cornwall, however, if you check the tracking code, which is MZ034050496GB you will find that it was delivered to the scammers address in Swansea. eBay don’t seem to want to check this info, check a signature etc, eBay just want their commission, that is obvious, eBay are actually a very corrupt company!

So we mention to the scammer that the postcode is wrong on Royal Mail tracking, he replies with “I will get a new tracking code in 24 hours because he sent the wrong one”. Well then, send us the correct one as you have supposedly sent the item, send us the correct tracking code, you must have it yes? The scammer then says that he has refunded the payment, sending us a screenshot of a PayPal dispute. Impossible really as we paid by credit card and couldn’t open a dispute! Next thing he says “Oops I forgot to send it, I’ll send it in the morning”, he then goes AWOL. Next morning we get another tracking code added to the order, entering the tracking code “SE097488408GB” we get the message “The sender has let us know this item will be with us soon.” This scammer will not send anything using this tracking code as he doesn’t have the item he is advertising on eBay!

Trying to contact eBay support is an absolute joke. They don’t have any support for buyers against these scams so luckily we are able to initiate a chargeback against the buyers account. We also reported the buyer to Action Fraud and will be writing a formal complaint to consumer affairs shortly. We need to stop using monopolies like eBay, they are rife with scammers and offer little to no support. The eBay system is created in a way that the only winner is the scammers and eBay itself.

We know 2 things, Hish Am is a scammer and he lives in Swansea. Action Fraud will find this scammer and hopefully he wont be able to scam people again.