May 17, 2021

"Nothing, nothing, we throw forwards"

"Nothing, nothing, we throw forwards"

The chairman of the Technical Committee of Referees, Velasco Carballo, and the director of the VAR project, Clos Gómez, they have made public the conversation between Munuera Montero and the referees who directed the video arbitration in the league match between Real Madrid and Real Sociedad. The appearance of two of the most responsible in arbitration matters of our league is due to the disputed decisions of the VAR in the last days of the competition, among them, the possible penalty not called of the Real Sociedad goalkeeper, Geronimo Rulli, to Vinicius. The Real Madrid striker fell to the ground after a contact with the Argentine goalkeeper and VAR officials decided to continue the game without penalizing penalty, something that has generated a disproportionate protest within the Madrid club. It should be noted that Rulli plays the ball slightly and the referees understand that the play was not worthy of a penalty.

"I want to see. Let's see. Offside? Nothing, nothing we throw forward. Everything OK José Luis we move forward ", with this message the video arbitration settled the controversial play in which no penalty was ruled. Munuera Montero visualized in the field as Rulli contacted the ball. "Ball, ball, ball! said the referee after appreciating the play on the grass. Given this arbitration assessment, the VAR was not so clear. "I want to see it", said the VAR responsible, warning the referee not to resume the game as soon as he stopped to see the play. After observing the action with different television shots, the video arbitration reaffirmed the arbitration decision made on the lawn and no penalty was ruled.


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