August 12, 2020

Notary Gerardo Burgos Bravo dies – The Province

The morning of this Saturday, February 1, died, after a long illness, Gerardo Burgos Bravo, notary of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Born in Salamanca on July 11, 1956, he followed the professional steps of his father, Gerardo Burgos Guerrero, property registrar, and graduated in Law from his hometown university.

He entered, by free opposition, in the Notaries in 1983. His first two destinations, Santa Marta and Montijo, in Extremadura, increased his natural inclination and love of nature and the rural world.

By transfer contest, he arrived in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1996, at the notary’s office then demarcated in the Puerto de la Luz, which has served until the moment of his death, first in León y Castillo street and then in Nicolás Estévanez.

In our city it took root and has been much appreciated, both for its unquestionable professional worth and for the warmth of its human treatment. The always busy professional office attests to this.

During these years, in addition, he has been a delegate of the district of Las Palmas, a kind of prefect in charge of maintaining harmony, unity in practice and good forms among all the city’s comrades. It’s hard to think of someone who can perform this mission better.

He was married to Amalia Sanz Madruga and they were the parents of two daughters: Amalia, property registrar, and Blanca, a recent notary.

His premature death leaves many things pending, such as his desire for retirement to simply move to the countryside, something I heard so many times. But it also leaves many things resolved. I am convinced that he has endured, drawing strength from weakness, until his daughters have been professionally directed. He leaves with that satisfaction. And they have the duty to honor the good name of their father.

He is survived by his mother, María Blanca Bravo Martínez, who, just as the world brought him, has accompanied him at the time of his death, fulfilling the most bitter obligation for a mother.

To all of them, to their brothers, family and friends, we transfer our deep feeling for the loss of all their partners in this profession that we love so much.

See you soon, Gerardo!

Miguel Ramos Linares (Notary of Las Palmas)


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