Notaries and registrars can extend their working life to 72 years from January

Notaries and registrars can extend their working life to 72 years from January

bruno perezMadrid Updated: 06/14/2022 04:24h

Since last January 1 the
notaries and registrars also have the possibility to prolong their professional career
up to 72 years. Buried among the mountain of additional, final, and transitory provisions that accompanied the pension reform law was an amendment to the 1983 Law on Retirement of Notaries, Stockbrokers, and Collegiate Commercial Brokers, by virtue of which The possibility was enabled for notaries and registrars to request their continuity in active service up to the age of 72, as was already recognized for Prosecutors and Magistrates of the Administration of Justice since 2015.

As is already the case with civil servants who intend to extend their working life to 70 years, it is not an optional decision of notaries and registrars, but rather they have to expressly request it from the General Directorate of Legal Security and Public Trust of the Ministry of Justice for two months. before reaching the age of 70 and it will be this body that has to decide whether or not to enable that possibility.

The rule specifies that the application may only be denied "when the applicant does not meet the age requirement or when the application is submitted after the indicated period", which gives applicants a high level of certainty. The controversy came from the fact that the situation of the professionals who turned 70 in January and February was not foreseen and, therefore, they could not give prior notice.

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