Not one more patient in the corridors of the ER

Not one more patient in the corridors of the ER

This photo accompanied the complaint letter from the Insular nurse, which this newspaper published in its edition of last December 13 / C7

#corridorszero. The Nursing area of ​​​​the Insular hospital creates a campaign to make visible the "serious situation" suffered by patients and staff. They seek the support of the Canarian population

Zero aisles. Read like that, it probably has no meaning for you. But if you heard it from the mouths of the nurses from the emergency services of the Canarian hospitals, surely, it would make sense. These two words have become the
battle cry of a campaign with which they try to make visible the "harsh reality" that they usually suffer with patients, who are seen
forced to attend in the corridors when this care area overflows.

Under the slogan #pasilloscero this mission was born at the Insular University Hospital of Gran Canaria with the intention of
focus all eyes on "serious situation" that is experienced almost daily in the service and to seek the support of the "Canarian population to end the overcrowding of users, mostly elderly, in this inadequate space." “Patients are not just those stretchers that we are used to seeing. They are someone's stories, lives or families. "We are tired and ashamed of how we treat them, because nobody deserves to be in a corridor," the staff verbalizes.

“We are fed up and ashamed of how we treat older people. No one deserves to be in a hallway”

Those who raise their voices for
«give visibility to the invisible» They are precisely the same ones who for years have publicly denounced "the precariousness, the overflows and the stretchers leaving the care area, even occupying spaces of other services, common and transit areas".

This war cry began its transformation into hastag and, later, into a campaign -according to these sources- precisely on
December 14, 2021 after the harsh letter written by a nurse from the Insular Emergency Room, broadcast by CANARIAS7 the day before, which focused on the treatment that the "Canarian administration dispenses to the elderly admitted" during days waiting for beds on the floor or being referred to concerted centers in
conditions, sometimes "inhuman, without the company of relatives and in an almost constantly overcrowded service.

This statement generated a
avalanche of reactions from health workers, users and patients of the islands when describing a harsh chronicled reality that reflected that the situation in the Emergency Department is "only the tip of the iceberg" of a generalized problem throughout the hospital because the saturation in the hospitalization floors generates a "
collapse in ER that the members of the service staff suffer every day: doctors, nurses, assistants, warders, administrative...».

Urgent and heartbreaking missive from Lourdes (fictitious name), a professional of the aforementioned service, exactly collects the complaint from the toilets: “She is old. And there she is sick, registered with 35X, and parked, on a stretcher, like 34 others (she even had 46X)... I don't know what she will feel. If she wants to scream, or run away. Surely she would if she weren't bent over by years and by illness, and because her strength has abandoned her a long time ago, the same time it took for the system to abandon her... I look for help in the dictionary to find among thousands of definitions the most appropriate, the one that helps me define this situation and there it is. I find that word and stop to read it.
Ignominy: Serious offense that suffers the honor and dignity of a person. Nothing more to add."

This campaign already has
support of personalities and groups from various sectors of Canarian society such as the comedians Manolo Vieira, Yaneli Hernández and the maestro Florido, La Trova and Los Gofiones, the murgas Los Chancletas and Los Melindrosos, the singer Cristina Ramos, the footballers Maikel Mesa and Javi Castellano or the verseador Yeray Rodríguez but, also, of professionals and anonymous people.

The collapse and the image of stretchers
they are not just "a moment" nor are they used in a "specific situation" nor does it have anything to do with the flu or covid, they denounce. "In fact, it has been a constant for years, only now we point out the stretchers on the floor and the patients with labels," they recall, which requires urgent solutions from the Government of the Canary Islands and its Ministry of Health.


Los Melindrosos and Los Flip Flops support #pasillloscero

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