January 23, 2021

Not even in Real Madrid | sports

Not even in Real Madrid | sports

Solari, against Ajax.

Football, today and throughout life, has some codes that even the King of Europe can not skip lightly. It is not always worth everything, even if four Champions are lifted in five years. The danger is that the undeniable quotation will add the echo of thunderous propaganda that leads to myopia. However difficult it may be, the best manager is the one who can read the success between the lines and anticipate from the top to a rough shot. In his day he noticed Pep Guardiola in the most triumphant Barça: "If I continue we will hurt ourselves". And not so long ago, the glorious Zinedine Zidane. But his wise diagnosis from the top about the evils that were approaching Real Madrid did not sponge in the maximum rector, as if the celebrity had a single patent.

Ensimismados by the European apotheosis, the president, Florentino Pérez, and its success auditors disregarded any qualifications. Before that with Zidane, they did it with Vicente del Bosque and Carlo Ancelotti, the other technicians who raised the orejona during the florentinato. The three warned that the neon lights of the Champions League could not minimize the culture of the daily effort to which the League refers. The all or nothing to the European Cup was an acrobatic event as long as the trapeze resisted with Sergio Ramos in Lisbon or Cristiano dale dale. Or because of the bad luck of Neymar, Salah, Benatia, Karius … Or for some agonizing victories that came by itself, without more. And that, of course, they count and they are not indecorous at all, but they must put on alert.

For many favorable avatars that were given to the European Madrid of the last five years, no merit can be discounted. Quite the opposite. Much did his part. But since the governance was not parceló success, as if anyone were dispensable. So it does not matter whether or not there is a sports director. If Zidane vanishes, Conte, Klopp, Löw will be worth … And if not Lopetegui, even if he was not head of the list and had to be removed with forceps from La Roja. Better Neymar than Mbappè, with more commercial fanfare. And if it is impossible to bend the spine to the sheikh of PSG, the same goes for Christian as Mariano, presented on the catwalk of the Bernabéu with the hilarious pomposity of 7 Amancio, Juanito, Raúl and CR. O Mariano that Brahim, swiped, boasted in the mediaphere madridista, to the City of Guardiola.

The same thing has given that the nominated successor of CR, Bale, to the peacock, only remembered the navel of Bale after winning in Kiev. Or that hot in flip flops when he wants while his agent spits hemlock. When they bargain over the elementary codes, there is a whim with Courtois to the detriment of Keylor, the unblemished guardian of three European Cups. Because yes, Benzema will go to the 30 goals and there Marcelo, Asensio, Isco, Ceballos … And if it is the case, so that the team hangs over the 18 years of Vinicius until the boy's legs burst. And if the "cojones" are not enough to go to Melilla or the mirror of Julia Roberts, it gets in on the toxic observatory mourinhista: referees, VARes, calendars … And if Solari is burned there will always be the echo of Mou, the same as bringing Madrid to the semifinals of the Champions presumed much more than those who made him champion.

No, not everything is worth, not even in Real Madrid of Florentino Pérez and his meritorious European beatitudes. A president with an undeniable share of success, but as part of a whole. A statutorily armored leader that will now have to be explored in an unprecedented situation. Those who struggle so hard to cope with defeat and their normalcy will have to manage the great fiasco of this course. For better or for worse, it is possible to think that he will do it his way. Unless suddenly put into value what a coach, a locker room, a captain, a legend, a sports director, the criticism … Football goes beyond engineering.

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