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A 15-meter high slide has been installed in the Norwich Cathedral nave (in the east of England), with the aim of allowing a better perspective of the building's roof motifs. Those responsible for the religious space put into practice a novel initiative with which they seek to attract more visitors to the site.

The promoter of the idea has been the reverend of the cathedral itself Andy Bryant. Visited the Sistine Chapel, in Vatican City, and when contemplating the incredible frescoes on the roof of the building, he thought: "This is incredible, but in reality the roof of Norwich Cathedral is equally wonderful, " as he declared to The guardian. "(In Norwich) we have one of the largest collections of roof overhangs in northern Europe. The problem is that those reasons are so high that most people do not have the opportunity to appreciate them," Bryant said.

Image of the cathedral this Sunday.

Image of the cathedral this Sunday.

"And so the idea was born, as a way to allow people to appreciate these projections of exquisite art, which are some of the most beautiful pieces carved in stone and that also house a story inside, which it's the story of the bible"the reverend added. The projections on the roof of the cathedral date back to the 15th century, when the building was rebuilt after a fire.

The slide assembly arrives after another British cathedral, that of Rochester, in Kent, installed a golf course in its central nave. The synthetic grass carpet will remain throughout the month of August with the aim of increasing visits to religious space. Rachel Phillips, one of the canons of the cathedral, said the building is now frequented by 80% more people than in the same period of 2018. "The cathedral is full of people who play golf. It's fantastic. When they arrive , they discover everything that the cathedral can offer them, and many of these people had not come before; now they all say they will return, "he added.

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