Norwegian will request a compensation to Boeing by the vetoes to the 737 MAX

Norwegian will request a compensation to Boeing by the vetoes to the 737 MAX


Norwegian will ask for compensation Boeing for the costs and loss of income caused by the suspension of flights of the 737 MAX 8, the model manufactured by the American company involved in the plane crash that killed 157 people last week in Ethiopia.

«We hope that Boeing Take the bill, "the Norwegian company said in a statement sent to Reuters. Norwegian has 18 aircraft of this model, which is one of the main ones harmed by the decision of the European Union to close its airspace to this type of aircraft. A measure announced Tuesday after around 30 airlines (including Norwegian) announced They were going to leave their 737 MAX on the ground.

Keep in mind that the company's bet for the 737 MAX beyond the aircraft that already has operations. In fact, it is expected that by the end of 2021 the airline fleet will have more than 70 aircraft of these characteristics.

That is why analysts have pointed to the Norwegian low cost company as one of the main victims of the Boeing crisis. In fact, the airline has started the session this Wednesday with a stock market drop close to 4%. In the whole of the week, the decrease reaches 10%.

While, Boeing he has assured that he trusts the safety of the aircraft and that he will revise his navigation systems to answer any questions about the airplane. However, the vetoes of governments and airlines have questioned this statement in the last few hours.

The analysts they match in which the magnitude of the crisis will depend on the time these devices are under suspicion. Boeing It already faced a similar situation six years ago with its 787 aircraft. On that occasion, many countries ordered to leave these aircraft on the ground due to problems related to the battery of the aircraft.


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