June 18, 2021

Norwegian television apologizes to Blas Cantó for making fun of his song: “They were insensitive”

The singer, Blas Cantó.

The singer, Blas Cantó.

Norwegian public television has apologized to Blas Cantó for the unfortunate comments that some collaborators made about his candidacy in Eurovision 2021. In the space ‘Adresse Rotterdam’ of the NRK, several talk shows harshly qualified the proposal of the Spanish representative and even made fun of his song.

Some comments that caused the outrage of a barrage of users on social networks, since the topic ‘I’m going to stay’ It is a tribute by Blas to his grandmother, who died from Covid-19 last December.

The artist himself responded on his Twitter account with some forceful words: “I can’t rebuild my soul by seeing things like this. No one knows what I’m going through or the effort I make even to stay alive“.” I don’t blame them, they sure are fine. All my love always, “he settled.

After receiving a wave of criticism, the Norwegian delegation at Eurovision apologized to Blas through a series of tweets. After indicating that ‘Adresse Rotterdam’ is a program in which various celebrities and members of the public “share subjective opinions”, they acknowledged that “some made statements about the video that can be interpreted as insensitive”. “This is unfortunate and we share our deep sympathy for Blas,” they added.

Later, the NRK shared a longer statement to try to settle the controversy definitively: “The panel had no knowledge of his story, they were insensitive in evaluating his song. It was not their intention and they were moved by hearing his sad story.” “The Norwegian delegation has sent an e-mail to the Spanish to clarify this matter,” they confirmed before concluding with a message for the Murcian: “Our sympathy with Blas and the best of luck for the final on Saturday”.


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