Thu. Jul 18th, 2019

Norwegian politicians propose activist Greta Thunberg for the Nobel Peace Prize | Society

Norwegian politicians propose activist Greta Thunberg for the Nobel Peace Prize | Society

Greta Thunberg, in the center, in front of the Parliament in Stockholm (Sweden) last week. In video, interview with Greta Thunberg

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Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, instigator of a school strike to call for action against climate change, has been proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize 2019 by three Norwegian politicians, as announced today by the promoters of the candidacy.

"We proposed Greta Thunberg because climate change, if we do not slow it down, will be the main cause of wars, conflicts and the flow of refugees that will come, "Deputy Freddy André Ovstegrd told AFP news agency." Greta Thunberg launched a movement of masses in which I see, perhaps, the main contribution to peace, "he added.

The 16-year-old Swedish girl has become a figure in the fight against climate change and called a "global strike" of schoolchildren this Friday to call for action to fight effectively against the phenomenon. Although she admits that she never thought the initiative would go so far: "I thought this was going to last three weeks, nobody trusted that I could do it, but I did, and after that I was not satisfied, so I started #FridaysForFuture, a movement that I have seen slowly grow day by day, "Thunberg explained to the German agency DPA.

The Swedish activist has already given speeches to world leaders at the Davos economic forum and at the UN climate conference in Katowice. "I have received enormous support from the entire environmental movement and from all over the world that defends the climate, it was not possible without them," he acknowledges.

Thunberg explains that the idea of ​​the student strike was inspired by students at the Parkland High School in Florida, where 17 people died in February 2018 due to a shooting. "I think Rosa Parks has also been a great example, a shy and introverted woman that I've read a lot about, now everyone tends to be social and extroverted, but I'm not like that and I hope this inspires and demonstrates to all those who are like me who can also be heard and do great things, "he says.

"It is very inspiring to see what a person can achieve simply by sitting on a bus," he says of Rosa Parks, who in 1955 refused to give up her seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama, an action that marked a turning point in the civil rights movement in the United States.

Thunberg refuses to consider himself an icon, but is acclaimed wherever he goes. In recent weeks she has been cheered in the protests of Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and France, countries in which she has joined the marches in favor of the climate.


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