Norway's national team sanctioned for wearing short leggings instead of bikini

The Norwegian women's handball team.

The Norwegian women's handball team.

The European Handball Federation (EHF) has fined the team of Norway for playing the European Beach Handball Championship in short leggings instead of the regulation bikini, in the match against Spain for third place in the competition held in Varna (Bulgaria), considering it as'inappropriate clothing'for not being authorized by the regulation.

The EHF disciplinary commission imposed a fine of 1,500 euros to the Scandinavian side who faced the bronze medal match in shorts despite warnings from the EHF, which treated the situation as "a case of inappropriate clothing." The current regulations oblige players to wear bikini and that the bottom part "does not have more than ten centimeters on the sides".

The Norwegian Federation, NHF, pointed out to various media that a team's clothing should be of "free choice within a standardized framework" and that the important thing "is that athletes feel comfortable". The NHF conveyed the endorsement to its players. "We are very proud of these girls who during the European championship raised their voices and said enough. We support and support them and together we will fight to change the rules of clothing.

"Such a macho vision belongs to another era"said a Norwegian newspaper while the Norwegian Minister of Culture Abib Raja, noted in Twitter that the decision of the sports body "is completely ridiculous. A change of attitude is needed in the conservative and macho world of sports."

Before the tournament, Norway requested authorization to play with shorts from the EHF, which already warned of the possibility of a sanction so it qualifies as a "case of inappropriate clothing". The Norwegian Federation, for its part, announced that it would take over the fine if its team was punished. "The Disciplinary Commission of the European Beach Handball Championship 2021 dealt with an issue of inappropriate clothing. In the bronze medal match against Spain, the Norwegian team played with shorts that are not authorized by the defined Athlete Uniform Regulations. in the EHF Beach Handball rules. The Disciplinary Commission decided to impose a fine of 150 euros per player, that is, a total of 1,500, "the EHF officially justified.


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