North Korea's new ballistic trial, fourth in a month

North Korea launched at least one as yet unidentified projectile into waters east of the country on Sunday, South Korean and Japanese military sources reported, in its fourth ballistic test this month.

The launch was confirmed in Seoul by the South Korean General Staff Board, which noted that the projectile, the details of which are still unknown, fell into the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan (East Sea in both Koreas), according to the local agency. Yonhap.

Sources from the Japanese Defense Ministry consulted by the Japanese television network NHK also confirmed the launch, saying that the projectile did not enter the territory of Japan.

The most recent launch occurred on Saturday of last week, when the Pyongyang regime fired two short-range missiles that traveled a distance of about 410 kilometers and fell into the Sea of ​​Japan.

Today's ballistics test is the fourth ballistic test North Korea has conducted this month. The Pyongyang regime conducted thirteen trials throughout 2019.

These launches coincide with a stalemate in negotiations between the United States and the Pyongyang regime to achieve denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.


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