June 4, 2020

North Korean leader appears after 3 weeks in a meeting with military leaders

In his first public appearance in more than three weeks, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un led a meeting with military and political leaders in which, among other issues, new measures were taken “to further strengthen the deterrent. country’s military, “North Korea’s official news agency KCNA reported today.

The news does not indicate when the meeting of the Central Military Commission of the Korean Labor Party (PTC) took place, but generally when KCNA reports on activities of this nature, they usually took place the day before.

The last time the North Korean dictator appeared in his country’s propaganda media was on May 2, after a three-week absence, at an event held on Day 1 to inaugurate a fertilizer plant, ending multiple versions. about alleged serious health problems and even rumors of his death.

According to the information released today by KCNA, which is accompanied by a dozen photographs of Kim and those reunited with him, the appointment served to analyze “a series of trends in the military-political activities of the armed forces”

“New guidelines were presented to further strengthen the country’s nuclear deterrent and to operate the strategic armed forces in the state of maximum alert,” the text says.

Measures were also agreed “to decisively increase the ability to strike with artillery fire” of the North Korean Army, adds the information, which also shows that at the meeting, promotions not detailed in the military headquarters were agreed.

This meeting was held amid a new impasse in contacts between Washington and Pyongyang to achieve denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.


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