July 6, 2020

North Korea will open its ski resort to tourists, Ski Channel, The Province

Pyongyang celebrates the culmination of its "socialist utopa" at the foot of Mount Paektu


He North Korean Government has celebrated this Monday the completion of the works of the expansion and development project of the city of Samjiyon, located at the foot of Mount Paektu, and which has already been listed by Pyongyang as the culmination of the "socialist utopia. "

In addition to a ski slope, Samjiyon now has 380 new building blocks, including apartments, commercial, cultural and medical facilities, which can accommodate 4,000 families. It is one of the biggest initiatives by Kim Jong Un to boost a "self-sufficient economy", especially after the last sanctions imposed by the United States.

On the other hand, the Asian country has announced that Masik Pass ski resort It is going to open to tourism during this season. Last year, it was closed to foreigners. As the online newspaper explains Pyongyang Times "many people have made reservations until March."

The North Korean Government inaugurated this resort almost two years ago, whose extension has been completed this December, and although it was intended for the enjoyment of North Koreans, it seems that will open its doors to foreign tourism, something that will be a great source of income.

Thus, a smiling Kim did not want to miss the opening ceremony of the urban complex that ended with the launching fireworks under the snow, as reported by the North Korean news agency KCNA.

The city, the "epitome of modern civilization", As defined by state media, it suffered several delays in its construction mainly due to the shortage of materials as a result of the sanctions imposed to curb Pyongyang's nuclear program.

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