September 24, 2020

Norman Foster wants to plant a 'tulip' of 305 meters in London | Culture

Norman Foster wants to plant a 'tulip' of 305 meters in London | Culture

A tulip of 305.3 meters. The architect Norman Foster has planted in the City of London the seed of this project and the plan is that, like the flower on which its design is inspired, the building grows to become the highest in the financial district of the city. It would measure, in particular, just one meter more than the Undershaft, another skyscraper that aspires to touch up the landscape of London, very close to where the tulip of Foster, as the structure has already been christened. The proposal of the Foster + Partners study already has the necessary official approval for the construction and with a financier: the Brazilian group Safra, controlled by the banker of that country Joseph Safra. At the moment, it has not transcended its cost, according to British media, which consider it one of the most strange and relevant architectural projects of recent years in London.

The tulip also aims to be placed right next to and complement the 30 St Mary Ax, known as Gherkin (gherkin), another skyscraper that Foster and his studio they designed in London, and that Safra himself ended up acquiring in 2014. "The tulip is consistent with the spirit of London, a progressive city, that looks forward", the architect has declared. The building will not be the tallest in the city: it surpasses the Shard by about five meters. The tulip is expected to host bars, restaurants, educational projects and a transparent elevator.


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