Normality after the conversion in highway of the AP-1 after 44 years of toll

Normality after the conversion in highway of the AP-1 after 44 years of toll

Normality has been the dominant tonic at the end of the AP-1 toll, converted into a highway from zero hours today after 44 years of highway and hundreds of deaths in the parallel route of National Highway 1, between Burgos and Miranda. Ebro.

"It's a mixture of feelings, from the joy at the end of the toll to the sadness for all the people who have died these years," said one of the spokespersons of the Platform, which since 2010 called for the end of the toll.

Around a hundred people have marched on foot from the main square of Briviesca (Burgos) to the link of the National 1 with the AP-1, where they have made a floral offering and have kept a minute of silence for the victims.

Then, after a few minutes of midnight, they found that the barriers of the toll booth had been dismantled.

From there, they have returned to the main square to remove, between applause and a firecracker, the banner that for almost 300 days claimed the end of the toll from the town hall balcony.

Other groups of members of the platform have toured the other three toll booths to confirm the disappearance of the barriers.

At dawn, only the traffic of trucks attracts attention, unusually elevated by the A-1, where there is also an important presence of Civil Guard patrols, ensuring safety, especially at the toll booths, where limited speed to 20 kilometers per hour in narrow passages.

There will still be several days to appreciate the effects of the elimination of the toll, although the Government delegate in Castilla y León, Virginia Barcones, estimated that 7,000 of the 10,000 vehicles a day, more than half trucks, circulating on average through the National 1 will now be diverted by the highway, whose density of vehicles will increase by around 35%, to 27,000 on average daily.


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